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May 30th, 2011

Be sure to review our VA content this Memorial Day



militarycoupleFirst off, I’d like to start off by wishing everyone a happy Memorial Day. As we take some time today to honor the men and women that gave the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the freedoms we hold so deep, we also want to make sure we take some time to think about those who are currently serving at home and abroad.

I wanted to use this opportunity today to remind you all of the information and resources we have published on HSH.com for our veterans. One of the small ways this country honors those who serve is to provide them with cheaper access to home loans.

VA mortgages are available with little to no money down, and VA refinances provide a great opportunity for veterans who hadn’t taken out a VA loan to start with.

Here are some of the articles and resources HSH.com has made available to our nation’s veterans as they search for a mortgage:

The FHA/VA Lender Showcase:

This is an advertising forum where lenders display their best and most competitive mortgage rates and other loan programs. (HSH does NOT make loans.) Click the link above to search for a current mortgage rate on a VA loan.

Vets: Don’t overlook a VA mortgage for your next refinance:

Believe it or not, many people who are eligible for VA home loans actually wind up taking out conventional mortgages to buy or refinance their homes. “I’ve been finding that there are retired veterans who didn’t realize that refinancing to a VA loan from their conventional loan was even an option,” says Tim Storm, a certified mortgage planning specialist and mortgage blogger from Orange County, Calif.  (READ MORE)

VA Home Loans: A Quick Eligibility Guide for Homebuyers:

This guide was written by HSH.com blogger and nationally-syndicated financial columnist Peter Miller. “Why a VA loan?” asks Miller.

He writes: Since the end of World War II the US has had an extensive benefits program in place for those with military service. The benefits include healthcare, help with college tuition and home loans. 

The VA mortgage program is the single best form of real estate financing available because qualified individuals can purchase with nothing down and there’s no annual mortgage insurance premium. (READ MORE)

Down Payment Assistance Still Exists!

One of the major benefits of a VA loan is that they’re available with no money down. Besides VA loans, what other down payment assistance is available to homebuyers? (READ MORE)

For more information, visit HSH.com

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