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July 23rd, 2011

How can I tell when it’s time to ditch my real estate agent?



Money down drainEspecially if you’re trying to sell your home these days, you’re going to need all the help you can get. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, a lazy real estate agent will get you nowhere fast.

Quality agents have a firm grasp on their local market and are well connected in their industry.

“A bad agent, on the other hand, can cost you time and money–not to mention become a source of unneeded frustration,” writes HSH.com contributing writer Lynnette Khalfani-Cox.

Lynnette’s latest article for HSH–“5 signs of a bad real estate agent“–makes it clear when it’s time to wave goodbye to your agent Here’s a sampling of statements that should have you saying, “You’re fired.”

1. “I’ll just whip out my camera phone.”

For sellers, an agent who talks about personally photographing your home is bad news. This foreshadows the single-worst thing an agent can do: take grainy or unprofessional photos of your home. It’s a total turn-off for prospective buyers…(read more)

2. “I’m not into the whole technology thing.”

This is another run-for-the-door type of statement sellers don’t want to hear from agents. If an agent eschews technology, it signals that he is out of touch with today’s marketplace or lacking in the skills necessary to sell your home.

Nowadays, agents must use technology–everything from Internet marketing and savvy use of the MLS system to making your home’s details and photos accessible via mobile technologies to would-be buyers cruising past your home.

4. “Open houses really don’t matter much.”

Selling a home is part art, part science. It requires a careful blend of technology, interpersonal skills and business savvy to market a home to the widest possible audience. Open houses are one part of the mix.

So if an agent never wants to host a single open house, that’s a potentially ominous sign. The agent might be lazy, overworked or simply not adept in the art of open houses. Whatever the case, an agent who won’t hold an open house when you want to is short changing you and should be avoided.

A corollary to this rule also applies: stay away from agents who only want to do open houses.

Be sure to read “5 signs of a bad real estate agent” in its entirety.

4 Responses to “How can I tell when it’s time to ditch my real estate agent?”

  1. Gil Bricault Says: July 23rd, 2011 at 8:17 am

    Don’t paint with such a broad brush. For example, I know agents who do a better job of photography then some professionals.

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  4. Gina Pogol Says: May 11th, 2012 at 6:27 pm

    I would never want an open house, which gives petty thieves an opportunity to pocket my valuables or accomplished criminals a look at my entry points. The serious real estate agents I know put up virtual tours but don’t do open houses.

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