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December 16th, 2011

Starting next week: ‘HSH.com’s top 10 articles of 2011’



2011 New YearsAs we come to the end of the year, we want to take a look back on 2011 and the most popular pieces of HSH.com content throughout the year.

HSH.com had quite a few transformations in 2011, from an updated look to our website, to a host of new writers who have contributed to our library of articles. Our viewing audience had a chance to grow this year, with some of our content being picked up by Fox Business, Nasdaq, MSN and others.

Looking back…

This year was yet another tough year for homeowners dealing with reduced incomes, unemployment, foreclosures, strict lending conditions and the like. While several foreclosure-prevention on home-preservation efforts continued to move forward this year, we saw others grow and expand.

Perhaps most notably, and you’ll see this reflected in our ‘top 10 list,’ HARP 2.0 was a big story late in the year. What started as a refinance effort that targeted a specific pool of borrowers has expanded to include homeowners, no matter how far underwater they are. Whether this expanded effort will silence the program’s critics (us included) remains to be seen.

What should have been a headline-stealing occasion this year, but instead was less eventful due to the persistent struggles in the lending environment and beyond, were record-low mortgage rates. It seemingly got to a point this year where record-low rates were no longer news. Instead, and unfortunately so, these low rates became a regular occurrence, an opportunity that few found themselves able to take advantage of, whether they were buying or refinancing.

What’s in the ‘top 10’?

As I’m sure you can imagine, the topic of refinance was a popular one in this year’s ‘top 10.’ But believe me, the topics you found most interesting didn’t stop there. Our top 1o articles of 2011 look back on everything from refinance to home renovations, to cities on the rebound, to backing out of a home sales contract.

We hope you enjoy looking back on HSH.com’s most popular articles of 2011. HSH.com and blog.HSH.com wouldn’t be possible without our dedicated readers as well as those who have just started visiting us.

We want to thank you all very much, wish you all a happy holidays, and we’ll see everyone soon on 2012.

Many thanks,
Tim Manni

One Response to “Starting next week: ‘HSH.com’s top 10 articles of 2011’”

  1. HERAWATIE MOLINA Says: December 19th, 2011 at 3:19 pm

    Hello, I really need help or advise concerning my home. My home is worth less in the housing market today since five or six years ago. Back then when it was last appraised it was worth $344,000.00; now, it only worth $160,000.00 and I owe, #265,000.00. what can I do the reduce this mortgage? please advise.

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