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December 4th, 2012 (Modified on December 5th, 2012)

Why Realtors should be using Pinterest

by April Dykman


Portrait of a relaxed young couple using a laptopFor the last several years, real estate professionals have used Facebook and Twitter to keep up with industry news, connect with clients and increase their exposure. Now Pinterest is the latest social media tool being used by the real estate industry to boost business.

Launched in 2010, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that lets you organize and share photos. The site quickly became the third-most popular social network in the country, behind Facebook and Twitter, according to Experian. Much like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest seeks to “connect everyone in the world through the things they find interesting.”

“We see Pinterest as an opportunity to connect with buyers and sellers on a personal level,” says Oscar Davila, social media and marketing director for The GoodLife Team, a real estate brokerage in Austin, Texas. “It allows us to get to know each other.”

4 ways Pinterest benefits real estate agents

Social media plays an essential role in today’s real estate market. According to the National Association of Realtors 2012 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, “The use of the Internet in the home search rose slightly to 90 percent, and for buyers under the age of 44 this share increased to 96 percent.”

Here are four ways real estate professionals can use Pinterest to their advantage:

1. Increase sales leads. Like most social media efforts, it’s difficult to measure how much Pinterest boosts business. But Davila says Pinterest pins have generated leads for his team. “We put listings on Pinterest on our “Austin Houses We Love” board, which drives traffic back to our blog where people can get more pictures and more information.”

When Davila promotes the pin on Twitter and Facebook, more often than not, someone calls about the house to see if it’s for sale, he says.

2. Leverage high-quality pictures. Sometimes eye-catching photos are all it takes to pique a buyer’s interest. Given that Pinterest is primarily about sharing beautiful photos, it was practically made for real estate.

3. Brand the business. Since Davila’s team specializes in modern homes, they use Pinterest as a branding tool to highlight their specialty. The GoodLife Team has nine modern-home-themed pinboards which highlight modern homes, interiors, bookcases, fixtures and more. “We’ve also used Pinterest for our modern homes tour to give previews and post-views of the tours,” says Davila.

4. Stay in touch post-purchase. After the deal closes, Pinterest is a friendly, helpful way to keep in touch with clients. “Even if they aren’t buying or selling a home anymore, Pinterest is a great way to keep them engaged with fresh content for all stages,” says Davila. “It keeps us at the top of their minds.”

For instance, Davila’s team has a Pinterest board called “Austin Xeriscape Ideas,” a useful resource for homeowners looking to reduce their water use and live a sustainable lifestyle.

For more tips, check out this Pinterest guide from the National Association of Realtors.

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