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December 27th, 2013

4: 5 signs your neighbor will sabotage your home sale



Angry Dogs_RSNumber four on our list of the top-10 pieces of content for 2013 is “5 signs your neighbor will sabotage your home sale.”

Earlier in our list, we explained how difficult it was to get a home loan during the downturn. Since home prices tanked to such a great degree and because it was hard for consumers to buy houses, homeowners found it nearly impossible to sell for a profit.

“5 signs your neighbor will sabotage your home sale” shows that homeowners were still wary about selling their homes in 2013, especially towards the beginning of the year.


Spring will be here before you know it. If you’re thinking about selling your home, you need to determine now if any of your neighbors might sabotage your home sale.

Some of the clues are obvious. Do they rake their leaves each fall? Do they shovel the snow off their sidewalk and driveways each winter? Do their holiday decorations resemble the Griswold’s? Those decorations might be fun to see during the holidays, but if they stay up past the new year, or your neighbors don’t otherwise keep up after their property, it could make your home selling experience impossible this spring.

Here are five signs to look out for, and what you can do now to protect your home sale from being sabotaged.

Be sure to read “5 signs your neighbor will sabotage your home sale” in its entirety.


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