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The Author's Corner is a section of our Library where we've invited the writers of some well-known books, newsletters, and columns to contribute timely, authoritative advice on a variety of topics including credit, mortgages, real estate, personal finance, and more.

Want to be a part of it? If you have an article, newsletter, column, or other advice you'd like to see in the Author's Corner, send it in! But only after you read our submissions guidelines. We also welcome your suggestions for new material.

When you see this image... BOOK In association with Amazon.com, you can purchase these books, and other selected titles, online. Click on it read reviews of, and/or buy, the book.

Seems like everyone's selling stuff on the Internet. The prices are good -- but you need to be a little careful, too. Stacie Zoe Berg, author of The Unofficial Guide to Managing Your Personal Finances, explains Protecting Your Finances on the Internet.


Book Title: Not One Dollar More!   Joseph Eamon Cummins is an award-winning writer whose work has appeared in Money, Home, Business Week, Money World, and Kiplinger's. NEW! Read his latest contribution, Are Home Prices Headed Down? Buying in a Falling Market.

Joseph also talks about the fast-growing field of buyer brokers in Buyer Brokers: What do Homebuyers Need Most? and Buyer Brokers: Ten Money-Saving Tips.

and find out how to Catch a Winter Bargain.

A former president of Fannie Mae said this about How To Save Thousands Of Dollars On Your Home Mortgage: "It should be required reading for the vast majority of consumers shopping for a loan..."

Check out Ten Tips for Saving Money on Your Mortgage, by Randy Johnson.

  Save Thousands on your Mortgage

Book Cover   The authors of the national bestsellers "Home Buying for Dummies," and "Home Selling for Dummies," Eric Tyson and Ray Brown, share their Top 10 Keys to a Successful Mortgage.

The authors of the national bestseller "Home Buying for Dummies," Eric Tyson and Ray Brown, share their Top 10 Keys to a Successful Home Purchase.

  Book Cover

Book Cover   Ray Brown and Eric Tyson, whose book "Home Buying for Dummies" became a national bestseller, went on to co-author "House Selling for Dummies". They're here to share with you Eric & Ray's Top 10 Tips for Selling Your House.

The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards (CFP Board) is an independent professional regulatory organization for financial planners. They have excellent advice for those who seek financial planning advice. CFP Logo

The Ultimate Credit Handbook   Gerri Detweiler, author of The Ultimate Credit Handbook, has written a monthly Ultimate Credit Online Newsletter. It's full of tips for using credit wisely. Although it's not currently in production, it's well worth checking out.
  BOOK About the Book

The Debt Counselors of America, an IRS-approved non-profit agency, assists families and individuals with debt, credit, money, and financial problems. Debt Counselors of America logo They've written an article titled "Five Easy Ways to Get Out of Debt". It's one of many useful DCA publications.

Marc Eisenson is the author of The Banker's Secret, the book which tells you everything you ever wanted to know about prepaying your mortgage. Marc shares some of his wisdom in four outstanding articles: The Bankers Secret
BOOK About the Book

Marc Eisenson and Gerri Detweiler have teamed up to write an informational booklet, Debt Consolidation 101. Read a preview of the helpful advice these two advocates have for you.

Book Cover   Marc Eisenson, Gerri Detweiler, and Nancy Castleman have written a great new book, Invest in Yourself: Six Secrets to a Rich Life. Here's a sample of what you'll find in the book.

This book isn't about finance... actually, it is, but not justabout finance. It's a different type of "self-help" book, but that doesn't do it justice, either. "It's about making choices that reflect your personal values, and that put you in control of your lifestyle and your future... and investing your time and energy as carefully as you invest your money..." Read this book.

BOOK About the Book

Christina Farnsworth is a freelance writer based in Tucson, Arizona. She wrote "Build It Today! Five Reasons You Can't Afford Not To" for Best-Selling Home Plans from HOME Magazine.

Book Cover   Andy Feinberg's Downsize Your Debt: How to Take Control of Your Personal Finances has won accolades from all over. This excerpt tells you how you can "Negotiate Your Loan Terms." He's an award-winning freelance writer whom you may have seen giving advice on CNN, CNBC, or PBS.

Alan and Denise Fields are the authors of Your New House: The Alert Consumer's Guide to Buying & Building a Quality Home These nationally-famous consumer advocates want to share "Four Truths About Buying a New Home No One Tells You."

  Your New House

Ed Frank is a nationally known Licensed Professional Engineer and is C.E.O. of InspectAmerica Engineering, P.C. With 25 years of experience conducting engineering inspections, he's eminently qualified to write Everything You Need To Know About Home Inspections.

Ed has also written Uncovering The Top Ten Defects Before You Buy Your Dream Home -- a must-read for anyone buying their first, second, or ultimate home.

All About Escrow   Sandy Gadow's book, All About Escrow and Real Estate Closings, stems from her 25 years of experience in escrow, title and real estate related fields. She wrote "How To Avoid Problems At Your Closing And How To Save Money In The Process," exclusively for the Author's Corner -- and, like her book, it's chock-full of advice.

Ken Harney is a nationally syndicated columnist on real estate for the Washington Post and has written three books on mortgage finance and real estate. In Exchange Your Real Estate: Why Pay Taxes?, he tells you how to take advantage of tax-free Section 1031 real estate exchanges.

Jim Jorgensen has written six books on personal finance, is heard on nationwide radio each week as host of Jim Jorgen$en on Money, and is editor of the It's Your Money and Financial Savvy national monthly newsletters. Jim's bestselling new book is Money Lessons for a Lifetime. In the Author's Corner, Jim shares his tips on 401(k)plans and starting your own stock fund.

  Money Lessons for a Lifetime

Tom Landis is the author of Home Building Consumer's Guide and Video, a step-by-step guide for people who want to better manage their residential construction project by knowing what happens, when, and why. How to Qualify a Contractor for Your Project is the first step toward quality control of your remodeling or home building project.   Book Cover

Book Cover   Peter G. Miller is the author of The Common Sense Mortgage: How to Cut the Cost of Home Ownership by $50,000 or Moreas well as several other books about real estate. He also hosted America Online's 'Ourbroker' area.

Peter has updated his renowned primer, "The Conventional Loan Kit", which explains the basics of getting a standard mortgage. Be sure to read "The FHA Loan Kit" to guide you through the slightly different requirements for a government-insured FHA loan.

Lynn O'Shaughnessy is the author of the 612-page The Unofficial Guide to Investing, which covers scores of personal finance topics from online investment tips and home equity loans to investment club advice -- and much more.

In "What You Should Know about Home Equity Loans", Lynn shares some great advice about home equity loans -- just a sample of what you'll find in her book.

  Book Cover

Jane White is the author of The Cost Conscious Homebuyer's Guide. Her articles on personal finance have been featured in Working Woman, Newsday, and The New York Times. Here, she tells you the best way of "Insuring the Roof Over Your Head."

And, of course, the knowledgeable people at HSH Associates have written many helpful booklets for consumers over the years for the benefit of homeowners and homebuyers. Many of them are available for just $3 each, but we're giving away two here:

Tips on Refinancing Your Mortgage -- how, when, and why you should consider refinancing. Forget the "2% rule of thumb"!
How to Verify Your ARM's New Rate -- the definitive how-to manual for verifying past (and impending) interest rate changes on your ARM. Includes a worksheet and links to index histories.

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