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"Jumbo Conforming" data series are also available from HSH

HSH also offers a national average interest-rate series for the new expanded conforming product.

The new data series for these product -- known variously as jumbo conforming, agency jumbo, and expanded conforming -- are derived from lender quotes obtained in our weekly survey in the metropolitan areas where these loans are being offered.

This data series is available exclusively from HSH Associates, Financial Publishers.

Get the Full Stats Package...

For an in-depth look at the market, you can purchase the weekly updates of expanded conforming data plus our companion series of "true conforming" and "true jumbo" (private market) and/or 30-year FHA-backed FRMs covering the same period at a discounted package price.

...Or Just the Agency Conforming Stats

The expanded conforming stats series is also available individually.

For more information, or to order, call 800-2-GET-HSH (800-243-8474).

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