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A Homebuyer's Guide to Mortgage Fees and Qualification

Unclear on the difference between Title Insurance, Homeowner's Insurance, and Mortgage Insurance? Do you think that 'points' and 'origination fees' are the same thing? Wonder how much mortgage you can borrow based on your income, or simply want to calculate monthly payments for different interest rates?

"A Homeowner's Guide to Mortgage Fees and Qualification," the latest booklet in HSH's "A Homebuyer's Guide To" series, can help you get a handle on the costs and fees associated with getting a mortgage and a home, plus allow you to determine how much mortgage you can borrow based upon industry-standard ratios.

This 12-page booklet takes a look at some of the common outlays when purchasing a home and getting a mortgage, from Credit Report to Downpayment. A qualification worksheet and monthly payment table per $1,000 borrowed are provided to help the buyer determine their purchasing power, and include information on the role of credit (FICO) scoring and credit reports.

If you're a thinking of buying a home, either now or in the near future, "A Homebuyer's Guide to Mortgage Fees and Qualification" is for you.

This booklet is offered to consumers for only $4 to cover printing, shipping and handling.

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This booklet is also available in combination with our Homebuyers Mortgage Kit for an additional price of $2.

If you prefer, you can send a money order (sorry, no personal checks) to this address:

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Accredited media wishing to preview a copy should request a copy. Please include the name of your media outlet, your office address, and your e-mail address.

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