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Current Mortgage Rates in AR: HSH Interest Only Showcase

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Arkansas Mortgages

If you're researching home loans for a new home purchase or refinancing an existing one, HSH.com can help. Our graphs quickly show you historical AR mortgage rates for different home loan programs, and you can even drill down to rates offered in major metro areas.

In a climate of low Arkansas mortgage rates, you might consider moving from a traditional 30-year amortization period to a 15-year loan term to save on total interest payments. In a period of higher interest rates, consider a hybrid adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) for affordable monthly payments in the initial fixed-rate period.

The right home pricing and the right timing--paired with the right home loan--can save you thousands of dollars in interest payments or fees. Contact any of the mortgage lenders on this page to learn more about current AR mortgage rates and to discover ways to save money on your refinance or home purchase.