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Current Mortgage Rates in NJ: HSH Interest Only Showcase

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Company Lending Area Comments
Mountain Mortgage Corp. Last update: 04/16/2014 NJ, NY, CT New Jersey's Oldest Mortgage Banker!
Quicken Loans Last update: 04/16/2014 Nationwide! Low 30 year fixed rates from America's #1 Online Lender! Act now!
Aimloan.com Last update: 04/16/2014 Nationwide Certified UpFront Lender! Rates & Good Faith Estimate Online 24/7
Banknet Mortgage Services Last update: 04/14/2014 New Jersey The Premier Source of Great Rates and Unique Programs
Millenium Home Mortgage Last update: 09/12/2013 NJ, NY, CT, PA Specializing in Jumbo and 2nd/ Vac Homes. Great Selection of Interest Only Loans!

New Jersey Mortgages

Whether mortgage interest rates are low or high, homeowners often want to refinance in order to reorganize their finances. Compare New Jersey mortgage rates from various lenders to see if there is a mortgage program that meets your needs.

If you want to pay off your loan faster, you may want to look for a 15-year fixed-rate loan or even a 10-year fixed-rate loan. If you would rather lower your monthly payments, check NJ mortgage rates to see if interest rates have dropped. Putting these figures through a mortgage calculator--or asking a qualified lender--will help you determine which home loan suits your needs.

Compare current NJ mortgage rates and then use resources at HSH.com to narrow down your mortgage choices for a purchase, refinance, or home equity loan.