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Current Mortgage Rates in NY: HSH Interest Only Showcase

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Quicken Loans Last update: 04/23/2014 Nationwide! Low 30 year fixed rates from America's #1 Online Lender! Act now!
Mountain Mortgage Corp. Last update: 04/23/2014 NJ, NY, CT New Jersey's Oldest Mortgage Banker!
Most competitive lender in New Jersey
Strategy Mortgage Corp Last update: 04/11/2014 Connecticut, New York Say you saw us on HSH, and have your app. fee refunded at closing.
Millenium Home Mortgage Last update: 09/12/2013 NJ, NY, CT, PA Specializing in Jumbo and 2nd/ Vac Homes. Great Selection of Interest Only Loans!

New York Mortgages

While homes in New York City and some suburbs are notoriously expensive, communities in Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, and other areas of the state are more reasonably priced. No matter what part of the state you live in, it makes sense to compare NY mortgage rates if you are considering buying a home.

Whether you are a first-time buyer or a homeowner who wants to refinance, check current NY mortgage rates before you commit to a loan to make sure you are getting the lowest possible interest rate and the lowest possible costs. After you review New York mortgage rates, you can contact a lender featured on HSH.com to get an industry expert's take on your home financing options.