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Current Mortgage Rates in WV: HSH Interest Only Showcase

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West Virginia Mortgages

West Virginia is a popular place to search for real estate, not only for its lower housing and living costs but also for its scenic beauty.

If you plan on buying or refinancing a home in the Mountain State--whether it's a vacation home in the Allegheny Mountains or a charming bungalow in Charleston--an experienced mortgage lender can help you interpret today's WV mortgage rates.

Mortgage lenders in the West Virginia are regulated by the West Virginia Division of Banking in Charleston. To get licensed in West Virginia, mortgage lenders must pass a background check, post a bond, and have a credit score greater than 575. To find licensed West Virginia lenders and compare the current WV mortgage rates on offer, check this listing on HSH.com. Mortgage calculators and other research tools can let you see how current West Virginia mortgage rates might affect your mortgage qualification.