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Before You Request a Price Quote...

Please be aware that HSH Associates does not have:

  • Commercial Mortgage Data (mortgage information for commercial properties)
    We do not know of any source for archive Commercial Mortgage data.

  • Marketshare Information (number of loans originated in a given area, or by a specific lender).
    We suggest you try the FFIEC for Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data.

  • Home Sales Information (How many homes were sold in a given area or time period)
    This information is the province of the National Association of Realtors (existing home sales) or the Commerce Dept.

  • We cannot supply every possible combination of statistics for a defined area or universe, but national statistics might be available (i.e. " zero point loans for 30-year jumbos for Philadelphia")

  • We do not yet have any easy way to know exactly what data -- or how much of it -- might be contained in any specific archival period. Some mortgage products or pricing trends wax and wane in popularity over time. You may be charged for the effort to determine if your custom request can even be filled. (Any such fee will be deducted if you order with us.)

  • We do not have free custom statistics. In many cases, these data represent hours of painstaking survey, data entry, and archive storage and retrieval. Sorry -- no freebies.

While we are pleased to quote prices for available data series, you should be aware that most start between $7 and $10 per quote (whether monthly or weekly). For example, if you are requesting a series covering 120 months, the price will start at several hundred dollars.

If your request fits these conditions, please click here to request a price quote for your needs. Please understand that simply researching a request can take a little time.

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