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How Did You Find Your Lender?

With all of the banks, thrifts, mortgage bankers, mortgage brokers, online sources, etc. VoxPop wants to know: what led you to choose the source for your loan? (As always, our privacy policy applies.)

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Why this mortgage lender?

Select the top three reasons:
Used the same lender I already had
Went with the lender used by a friend/colleague/family member
Responded to a newspaper ad
Responded to a radio/television ad
It's the bank I use for checking/savings accounts
Built a house, used the builder's finance company
Realtor's mortgage company/referral
Found the lender in the phone book
Found the lender on the Web/Internet
Used a "fill one form, get multiple offers" method
Other (brokerage firm, credit union, etc.) - use the box below)
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