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Has your purchase or refinance "crashed" due to rising rates?

Did you hold off on a rate lock, hoping for even lower rates?

Did your rate lock expire before you could close?

Did you end up with a higher rate -- or higher fees? Did you have to settle for a different mortgage product because of the rising rate environment?

If you'd like to tell your story -- including your customer service experience, good or bad -- go ahead and fill out the form below. Several of our media contacts would like to talk to you, too (but that's up to you).

For example, we want you to tell us:

-- Why you did or didn't lock in your rate;

-- If your rate lock expired, what sort of renegotiated terms you were offered, whether it was a simple as an extension, or a complete re-do;

-- If you changed mortgage products, what you selected, and why.

If you're in the industry, we want to hear from you, as well. Have you been forced to offer clients higher rates because of registration windows slamming shut? Have you had clients cancel their deals because of the quick run up in rates? How do you break the news to them?

Plus, if you'd like the chance to see your name in print, be sure to check the appropriate box below, and don't forget to include contact details.

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