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VoxPop Wants to Know:
Did Your Lender "Let it Slide?"

Mortgage rates rose a lot in the summer, before peaking in early September. Since then, rates have slipped back about a half of a percentage point.

Were you one of the unfortunate people who locked in your interest rate at, or near, that high point? Maybe you were nervous that rates would trend higher, or at least not get any better, so you locked your rate. Now, of course, you might be wondering if you did the right thing...

If you have locked in a rate -- but not yet closed your loan -- VoxPop wants to know whether you have asked your lender to provide you with a lower rate, or whether your lender took the initiative and volunteered to give you a better deal. (Yes, it happens.) As always, our privacy policy applies.

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Select the top three reasons:
Sure I asked! They said 'No!'
I asked, and they improved my rate!
I didn't even have to ask... they offered!
I didn't ask before, but I will now!
I knew rates would fall, so I took a 'floatdown' option on my lock.
No, I didn't bother to ask.
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