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How Are Rising Rates Affecting You?

Along with all of the banks, thrifts, mortgage bankers, mortgage brokers, online sources, media outlets etc. VoxPop wants to know: Is the recent rise in mortgage rates causing a shift in your plans?

Mortgage rates have risen considerably in recent months. The question is, has the dramatic change in market interest rates caused you to change your plans or strategies?

We've heard from lots of media people in the past few weeks who want to hear your story, if you're interested in telling it. Check here to indicate that you might like to participate in interviews (and don't forget to fill in your e-mail address and especially phone number) in the form below. (Worried about privacy? Us, too.)

In addition to any commentary you might like to add, we've added a few 'stock responses' you can simply click on to speed your reply.

A few scenarios:

You're hoping to buy a home, and have been working under the premise that interest rates would be 5.75% or so. Now, they're well above 6%. Did/are you:

  • biting the bullet and taking a fixed rate anyway
  • took an ARM instead
  • have lowered my bid (or bidding range) on a home
  • started looking for lower priced homes
  • stopped looking - I'll wait for lower rates

Or, if you were hoping to draw some equity out of your home via a refinance, did you:

  • forget the whole refinance thing
  • refinanced with a different product (dropdown list?)
  • took out a Home Equity Line of Credit instead
  • took out a Home Equity Loan instead

Lastly, mark the statement to which you most closely agree:

  • I feel that interest rates are high, but will continue to rise
  • I feel that interest rates are high, but will fall
  • I feel that interest rates are still low, but will continue to rise
  • I feel that interest rates are still low and will fall
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