Receive the mortgage indexes you need

Receive the mortgage indexes you need --

Every business day -- for as little as $55 per month.*

You don't need to hunt around the web, or subscribe to high-priced online services, to get the ARM indexes you need for loan servicing, due diligence and doc prep. The HSH Daily Index Update Service is a low-cost alternative that brings you the most widely used ARM indexes in one place, every business day:

  • Treasury Constant Maturities
  • Federal Cost of Funds
  • 11th District Cost of Funds
  • Daily LIBORs & monthly LIBORs
  • Prime Rate & Bank Prime Loan
  • Discount rate

  • Fannie Mae RNYs
  • National mortgage rates
  • Pennsylvania Act 6 Ceiling Index Residential rate
  • Other indexes available - just ask
Choose from standard 25- or 55-index reports, or design your own report
Have your ARM indexes delivered via e-mail, FTP, or web service

We track dozens of indexes, from popular to obscure. We offer stock reports as well as customized lists.

Download a sample of our DIUS_55 report, which lists over 55 indexes & financial indicators every business day or get our DIUS_25 report with over 25 indexes.

Or request a quote for an affordable custom solution. We'll report the indexes you want, including state usury rates, obscure indexes, even derived indexes like the MTA and CODI.

Get your report the way you need it! Your report will be ready to import into your own software. No more typing in numbers every morning! E-mail, FTP, and web service delivery are available.

We'll use your template for your report. This lets you add your in-house index coding keys to make importing even easier. (We'll use your XML template for web service delivery, too.)

HSH has tracked ARM indexes since ARMs appeared back in 1981. Our ARM Check Kit showed consumers how to check their lender's interest rate adjustments back in '86. We're savvy about indexes, which comes from a thorough knowledge of the mortgage market. After all, we've been the nation's largest publisher of consumer loan information over 30 years.

Looking for index histories? We have them, too. If the format of our free histories doesn't suit your needs, we can put them in Excel for you for a small fee.

Web service delivery

Get ARM index values directly from our database onto your desktop -- or directly into your database.

Try the newest version of our small demonstration program (less than 1 MB). Just download it to your desktop and try it. (The program makes no changes to your PC's registry.) Select an index you want, and get the latest value instantly -- straight from the HSH ARM Index database. No web browser required -- no waiting for e-mail. Learn more about HSH web service delivery.)

The HSH Daily Index Update Service is available for as little as $25 per month.* Got questions? Need more indexes? Ask us.

* Based on a one-year subscription

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