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ARM Indexes: 6-Month Secondary Market CD, 2010 - present

Full Name: Weekly Certificate of Deposit Rates, Secondary Market

Source: Federal Reserve Board
Compiled by: HSH Associates, Riverdale, NJ

The 6-Month Secondary Market CD has been discontinued by its source. Information about the discontinuation can be found below the tables of data.

May be referred to in ARM disclosures as "Average of Dealer Offering Rates on Nationally Traded 6-Month Certificates of Deposit Averages of Daily Figures Secondary Market Percent Per Annum."

This index is defined as "An average of dealer offering rates on nationally traded certificates of deposit; annualized using a 360-day year or bank interest."

These figures are taken from the Federal Reserve Statistical Release H.15 (519), and reflect week-ending dates.

Please note: On December 16, 2013, the Federal Reserve reported that "As of the release on December 16, 2013, the H.15 has ceased publication of the 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month CD rates. Recent attrition has reduced both the number and types of institutions that provide quotes creating a challenge to construct statistically robust estimates of CD rates, and it is not feasible to resume publication."

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