Up for the quarter, down for the year? See what's happening with home affordability in our latest "Income you need to buy a home in the top 50 metro areas".

Up for the quarter, down for the year? See what's happening with home affordability in our latest "Income you need to buy a home in the top 50 metro areas".

Services for Industry Professionals

Services for Industry Professionals

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Custom Reports,
Surveys and Statistics

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"Off the shelf" Reports
Surveys and Statistics

All of the customized services listed below are available as stock versions at a lower cost.

First Mortgage Surveys

If our off-the-shelf surveys aren't what you need, tell us what you want to know, and when you want to know it. You pick the markets, the competitors, the programs, and the pricing stratifications. We do the rest, and bring you only best market knowledge available. If our stock reports are too much (or too little) for your needs, we can help -- better and faster than you could do it yourself, and for far less. Check a screen shot of our stock California Jumbo first mortgage report; then, tell us how you'd like it customized.

Home Equity Line of Credit Surveys

Customize our off-the-shef HELOC survey (see above) to your needs. Need a different set of competitors surveyed? Want an in-depth look at your market with a broad range of pricing elements and price tiers? Let HSH dig it out for you. You decide on who and what you wish to see, or we can help tune a survey to meet your needs -- for less than an in-house survey. Check a screen shot of our standard product, and tell us what you'd like to have.

Home Equity Loan Surveys

Rather see five-year or 20 year fixed rate product? Prefer a report covering 90% CLTV or higher? We'll help you design a custom fixed rate home equity survey. Find out how your pricing stacks up against competitors, quickly and easily -- and find out how affordable an HSH survey can be. Check a screen shot of our stock product, and contact us to find out more about customizing it.

New Auto Loan Surveys / Used Auto Loan Surveys

Lots of competition for auto loans these days, and wide ranges of pricing -- as much as 400 basis points -- in almost every market. Where do you fit in? Let us help you to find out. Check a screen shot of this product. 


By lender type... by loan type... by LTV within loan type... by competitor... by market... by loan amount... you name it, we can probably filter it out of the nation's largest mortgage pricing survey. Please request more details and a price quote.

Daily Index Service

You don't need to hunt around the web, or subscribe to high-priced online services, to get ARM indexes for your servicing needs. The HSH Daily Index Update Service does it for you.

You get all the popular indexes in one place, every business day, including LIBOR; Treasury constant maturities; Cost of Funds & 11th District COFs; Prime rate; Discount rate; RNYs; mortgage rates; and more.

This product can be customized to your needs. Get more information.

Archive Data Services

Travel back in time all the way back to the earliest days of ARMs, or back to the days of a 21.5% Prime Rate. HSH has the longest, widest and deepest private market survey ever assembled, and you can take advantage of it. Defending litigation? Filing a suit on behalf of a client? Comparing profitability over time? Researching retail markups? Find out why Federal regulators use our data. If we don't have it, it probably doesn't exist anywhere. Please contact us to request more details and a price quote.

Advertising and Business Generation

Loan 'Showcases' - advertise directly to borrowers

HSH hosts a variety of advertising forums where lenders display their best and most competitive mortgage rates and/or other loan programs. If you offer 'A' or subprime product; if your institution makes auto loans, offers home equity product, commercial loans, even construction loans, we have a Showcase for you. Unlike "mortgage malls," sales leads go directly to you -- no one else!

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