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HSH.com’s free mortgage calculators can answer even complex financial questions in just a few minutes. We'll help you find answers to common items, such as "Can I qualify for a mortgage?" What’s my monthly payment?" or "Will prepaying my mortgage help me save money?" all the way up to more difficult ones, such as "How large of a down payment do I really need?", "What’s the best way to pay for my refinance?" or even "When will my home no longer be underwater?"

Whether you’re looking to learn more about your purchase, refinance or you simply need a few tools to better help you manage your mortgage, HSH.com has all the bases covered. Scroll down to browse our calculator list or use the navigational elements below to find the calculator you are looking for.


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Refinance Calculators

 Refinance Calculator - HSH.com's TriRefi℠ Calculator

 PreFi℠ Prepayment Refinance Calculator

 LowerRate℠ Mortgage Prepayment Calculator

 Refinance Calculator- Should I Refinance My Mortgage?

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Home Mortgage Calculators

 Rent vs. Buy Calculator

 Downpayment Decisioner℠ Down Payment Calculator

 FeePay BestWay℠ Closing Cost Calculator

 How Much House Can I Afford?

 Income Qualification Calculator

 It's My Term℠ Prepayment Calculator

 RoundUp℠ Prepayment Calculator

 Underwater Mortgage Calculator - KnowEquity When℠

 Underwater Mortgage Calculator - KnowEquity How℠

 Mortgage Prepayment Calculator

 Mortgage Calculator: Mortgage Amortization Calculator and Schedule

 Private Mortgage Insurance Calculator

 PMI and Loan Amortization Schedule

 Fast Amortization Calculator

Mortgage Widgets and Tools

 Free Mortgage Content Widgets

 Are You a Normal Neighbor?

 Average Neighborhood Mortgage Home Loan

Other Home Loan Calculators

 Basic Loan Payment Calculator

 Monthly Payments Per $1000 and Total Cost (principal and interest combined)

 Credit Grade Calculator

 APR Calculator

 Loan Comparison Calculator

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