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Our visitors say some nice things about us. Here are some comments we'd like to share.

"No question - just a kudo for your website. My wife and I are in the middle of applying for a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage and are still doing our due diligence, trying to research the pros and cons. Your website, and I have visited many reverse mortgage websites, is by far the best for providing the most complete information. Your site helped answer some lingering questions that I could not find answers to on other sites. Thank you!
    -- Brad Morgan

"I wanted to compliment you on your FHA/HomeReady comparison tool. I was surprised to see the disparity in cost over 10 years. I've been preaching for a long time that, for my borrowers with scores below 700, FHA was a better option. Now I have the math to prove it. Thanks, you just made my job a little easier."
    -- Ed Cortes, Guild Mortgage

"In 12 years of looking for understandable, honest, helpful and straightforward information in regard to mortgages, I am finally happy. Your calculators - re: re-fi vs. pre-fi in particular are awesome. It was also eye-opening to see how much interest I have paid the first 12 years of my mortgage. Wow. I looked at all your calculators and I finally "get it", after all these years...due to finding your site tonight. Well done."
    -- Don Athey

"HSH.com is highly recommended by a lot of our staffers as the source for forecasting the daily mortgage interest rates and how to plan for not only the coming week, but the quarter and the year. Keep it up HSH, your helping us achieve much needed success in a market that is hurting most..."
    -- Daniel Berrier, CU Members Mortgage

"Just wanted to say thanks for the valuable information. I've been in the mortgage business for 13 years, several of them in securitizing mortgages for sale to investors and currently as a loan officer. "What Moves Mortgage Rates? (The Basics)" is the most clear explanation of the hows and whys of mortgage rates I've ever seen. Thanks again!"
    -- Phil Valerio

"This site is fantastic. I have learned more about my ARM in these three days of reading than in the five years I've been making payments. I'll recommend this website to my friends!"
    -- Enol Matos

"My questions about interest-only mortgages were answered in a most clear and concise way. I have read dozens of other sites, and this one is by far the easiest to understand as well as the most thorough. I didn't even get sleepy while reading it "
    -- Tiffany B

"Excellent and informative article on the interest-only loans."
    -- Marcus M.

"I tried several other amortization schedules and yours was by far the best. I like the daily mortgage rates too."
    -- Stacey K. Nelson

"This web site is awesome. It has helped me out completely on just about everything I needed help on."
    -- Daniel G.

"I found the articles on Option ARMs and interest-only loans very helpful. I liked that they gave some history, showed the potential pitfalls, and most importantly how each can be used properly to build wealth, without too much jargon and some real number examples. I'll definitely recommend this site to my friends and family as an educational tool. Thanks."
    -- Ken Spence

"I would like to say that your website is GREAT! very informative and very useful because I work in the real estate and mortgage field, this website gives me a lot of information that is very easy to understand!"
    -- Ria Unchangco

"What an awesome web site... I would recommend this site to everyone either looking for a mortage or if they are just looking for information regarding rates, stocks, etc. "
    --Sherry Putnam

"Finding this site was like falling head on into a candy dish. I was looking for helpful information for a newsletter to clients and found not only that, but free links for my website and great book recommendations."
    -- Lynda Hart, ERA Sun River Realty

"Best site I've found regarding mortgages and related markets. Has enabled me to make informed decisions & have more productive discussions with my broker. No-bull, detailed analysis and articles are refreshing."
    -- Paul M. Wells

"I found this [interest-only] article extremely informative and easy to understand. A must read for anyone trying to decide which mortgage option would suite them best."
    -- Lorna Drayton, FL

"Excellent, excellent explanation of interest-only mortgages. I am just about to do an an interest-only loan and I am glad that the article was very clear and showed all the relevant scenarios of this loan."
    -- Orian Wax, NY

"Great! Just great! thank you so much for the information on your site. Thank you!"
    -- Mozart Booker

"The article on piggyback mortgages was very brief and informative. I've gained quite an education from your site. Please keep up the good reporting. There are many of us that find it invaluable."
    -- Harold Johnson

"Just a note of great thanks for this website. It has been SOOOOOO helpful in determining the type of financing; questions about strategies and direct contacts to competitive mortgage companies with immediate rate quotes. Thank you."
    -- Mattie A.

"Thank You. I found this article to be the most educational on Interest Only type loans. I am a first time home buyer and I am trying to learn all the pros and cons before making the RIGHT decision. It was very easy to understand. Thanks again."
    -- Jill S.

"Excellent articles! Most of the questions I had concerning different types of mortgage options and descriptions of those options were answered quite specifically and (I feel) quite thoroughly. Thank you for the help in my search for improving my mortgage knowledge!"
    -- Brad Willis

"I found your article on Interest Only Mortgages VERY helpful. It covered all angles of the idea, and the good and the bad. It will be one of our tools and very helpful in our decision for our next home purchase. Thank you."
    -- Heather Sleight

"I needed information on residential mortgages and did a web search. Your web site was listed in the results. All I can say is "Your site is excellent". I was able to find the information I needed in less than 60 seconds ie rates and calculators. Thanks and you have been added to favorites."
    -- John Noonan

"I have a better understanding of interest mortgages now. This was explained better than a loan officer tried to explain it. Thanks!"
    -- Elizabeth Rhodes

"I am a first time homebuyer. I am shopping for a mortgage, and was unsure of what was best for me. i was introduced to interest only mortgages, fixed, and ARM's by mortgage companies, but they all still seemed a bit hazy to me. After reading the articles, i feel much better about it all. I now think i have found the mortgage that will be right for my family. The articles explained the different types of mortgages very clearly, and gave much more info (that was factual) than the mortgage companies would tell you."
    -- Lindsay

"Excellent article about interest payment only mortgages."
    -- C. Stuckey

"I found your article on interest-only loans to be very informative. I have heard a lot about them lately, but didn't know the ins and outs. This was well put together, and the graphs give a great visual on the reality of the possibility. Thanks!"
    -- D. Mclean

"Just want to send a HUGE thank you for the article "Principle Facts of Interest Only Mortgages." As someone researching loans for a home purchase that's about a year out, it really helped me sort out the whole ARM/InterestOnly/GetaMansionforaBuckaMonth package. Much thanks."
    -- AB

"I was looking for this information, and your site is as if it was written specifically for me. Actually, I suppose it was. Very interesting and informative. You answered my specific questions which I wasn't finding clear answers to on other sites. Thank you!"
    -- Bud Harrison

"Thanks for providing such informative articles on your site. It provides an assortment of valuable information to us consumers."
    -- Conrad Watson

"I subscribe to your HSH Weekly Market Trends newsletter. I have been a mortgage banker for the past 7 years and I have never seen a mortgage related email publication as complete and detailed as your HSH Weekly Market Trends newsletter. "
    -- HP

"Thank you so much for this great information resource. I am a loan consultant who tries to truly understand what mortgage choices can mean for each client. There are so many predatory lenders or loan officers that truly have no idea of what the different mortgage products may mean for their clients. They are just out for a commission! It's nice to have back up from a neutral source! Keep up the good work!"
    -- Janet Zimmerman

"The Principal Facts of Interest-Only Mortgages was a great article for new home buyers."
    -- M. Blanco

"The article on Interest First mortgages was informative, honest and helpful. The graphs are a great tool to explain a complicated product. The article was fact based with the consumer's best interest as the focus. "
    -- Donna Burkholder

"Thank you for explaining ARM's in language easily understood."
    -- Roberta Monroe

"I just read your assessment of Interest Only loans. I LOVED IT. Thank you for putting such helpful information readily available on the internet. We are looking at locking in an interest rate today. Our intention is to use an interest only option and prepay more of our principle down. Your article encouraged me to look at both the Interest Only and Fully amortizing ARMs before making a decision."
    -- B. Andrew Hicks

"This website was absolutely PERFECT for me. It gave me info I needed to make a wise decision about my mortgage options. Thank you sooooo much!"
    -- Katherine Hommel

"I found your article on Interest-Only Mortgages very helpful. I have a house I need to sell to get a larger one (and actually for less money due to it's age) and the Interest-Only gives me hope if mine does not sell immediately. Thanks for the great article and renewed hope! Your website has been a great help in my quest for selling and buying a home, thanks very much for the great information."
    -- John S. Pasterik

"the article on ARMs was extremely informative, as is your entire website. I am looking to refinance our mortgage and appreciate all the information which helps us to make an informed decision. thank you very much!"
    -- Deborah Davis

"Fantastic, super good job. Very educational, informative as well as professionally done."
    -- John C. Cabrera

"Thanks for the seemingly unbiased information on interest only mortgage loans. I'll have book marked your site for future reading."
    -- Michael Rodrigues

"I've read several articles on this subject but I felt your information was easy to understand, factual and fair. Thanks."
    -- Debra Macomb

"I find your weekly report and musings to be very helpful. Professionally, I teach teachers how to make history more substantive and interesting to young students. I characterize success as getting to the point where you know 'what the neighbors would have been talking about'. Well, you come across as a very smart and wise neighbor and I want to thank you."
    -- J McG

"I just want to thank you for such a well-written Newsletter. I look to the informative content."
    -- LS, Mortgage Broker

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