Home Value Estimator
How much is my house worth?

How has your market performed while you've owned your home, and what does it mean for your home's value?  MyHPI, our home value estimating tool will tell you how much the value of your home has changed since you owned it based on how your overall market has performed.

How to use our Home Value Estimator:

  1. Tell us the metropolitan area where you live (or choose the closest one to it)
  2. Select the quarter and year in which you bought your home
  3. Enter the price you paid for it
  4. Press "Calculate" & find out how much is your house worth.

The MyHPI home value estimator is based on the Federal Housing Finance Agency's data covering purchase-only transactions over your selected time frame. The actual value of your home will depend upon many factors including location, amenities and more. MyHPI provides only an estimate of what your home's value would be if it performed in sync with the rest of your market.

Home Value Estimator


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For more details on the data and methodology used in MyHPI home value estimator, please see the information on HSH.com's "Home price recovery: Which metros have improved the most, least?"