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Interest Rates Index and Loan Survey Statistics from HSH

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Loan Survey Statistics

HSH Associates has conducted the same objective, editorial survey every week for more almost 30 years in metropolitan areas nationwide.

Below is an index to the mortgage statistics which we compile. Some we make available at no cost. Our in-depth statistics can be purchased on a one-time or a subscription basis.

"Frequently asked questions" about our HSH rates and statistics.

Daily National Stats - HSH's daily mortgage rate statistics come from surveyed data -- not advertising. Our FRMI includes loans of all sizes -- not simply conforming loans -- to give you a much better look at your market.

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HSH Weekly Statistical Release - HSH's national interest rate benchmarks for FRMs and Hybrid ARMs, Home Equity, Auto Loans and six-month trend graphs.

Hybrid ARM Statistics (Weekly Series) - These are the latest statistics on the four varieties of hybrid adjustable rate mortgages. Like other ARMs, hybrid ARMs have a payout period of 30 years and an interest rate which adjusts periodically. Hybrids differ in that the first rate adjustment is delayed for several (3 to 10) years, after which the rate adjusts annually.

Agency jumbo (also known as expanded conforming and jumbo conforming) statistics - exclusively from HSH! Learn more!

Weekly Metropolitan Statistics - HSH's Metropolitan Area Mortgage Statistics chart lists the average mortgage rates and total points (including origination fees) for some of the many metro areas which HSH surveys regularly.

National Monthly Averages - Here we present more than three decades of monthly national average mortgage rates for the most popular products of recent years. HSH offers the longest series of street-level pricing available.

Mortgage Rates & Trends

Every week for almost 30 years, HSH Associates has collected mortgage rates in metropolitan areas nationwide. The same objective, editorial survey techniques have also enabled us to amass a huge database of auto loan and home equity loan/LOC data as well. We've also collected a ton of ancillary data which may be of interest to you. Here's an index to the loan information we collect. Some of it is available free on our site, but most of it is sold on a one-time basis (for consumers) or a subscription basis (for others).

Graphs (3-year trending graphs) - Here's a three-year look at how the following rates have performed in the market.


Survey Samples - HSH conducts an editorial survey, which means that lenders aren't paid to participate. We collect "street rates" from loan officers, which produces more accurate results than rates gathered from the marketing department or even the lender's own website.

Home Equity Loans - Get the latest information on home equity loan (second mortgage) products from lenders in over 12 metropolitan areas around the US.

Home Equity Lines of Credit -Get the latest information on home equity line-of-credit (HELOC) products from lenders in over 12 metropolitan areas around the US.

Auto Loans - Get the latest information on new and used auto loan rates from lenders in over 12 metropolitan areas around the US.

Comparisons -See how the Federal Funds rate affects mortgage rates.

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