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HSH Statistical Release
Average Fixed and ARM Rates, Home Equity Averages and more

Just below is HSH.com's weekly Statistical Release. It lists combined mortgage-rate averages that give you a realistic picture of local mortgage markets (useful in high-cost areas). You'll also find HSH's latest averages for Home Equity Loans and Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC), as well as averages for new and used auto loans.

However, we have several decades' worth of conforming mortgage statistics as well as jumbo mortgage statistics available for purchase.

Our weekly survey of mortgage lenders lets us produce mortgage statistics and competitive analysis services from our database -- we have well over 25 years' worth of current and historical data. Daily statistics and samples of our services and information are also available at no cost on our website.

With such a large market scan, we get a keen sense of where these markets are headed and why -- and we tell you where they're going in the week(s) ahead. See the latest HSH Market Trends.

Available Statistics Series
  • Hybrid ARM statistics, conforming (more info)
  • Hybrid ARM statistics, jumbo
  • FRM first-mortgage statistics, conforming
  • FRM first-mortgage statistics, jumbo
  • FHA 30-year FRM statistics
  • FRM "Agency Jumbo" Expanded Conforming statistics
  • TCM- and LIBOR-based ARM statistics
  • Home Equity Line-of-credit statistics
  • Home Equity Loan (single disbursement) statistics
  • New and Used Auto Loan statistics
More info on obtaining these statistics

Previous editions of the HSH Statistical Release are archived; links to previous years can be found at the bottom of this page.

State-by-state combined statistics are here. Metro area combined statistics are here.

HSH National Interest Rate Benchmarks
For Week Ending 09/16/2016
  This Week Month Ago Year Ago Latest Trends
Loan TypesAverage
Combined Rate
Click for Graph
30 Yr FRM 3.61% 0.19 3.55% 0.23 3.95% 0.17
15 Yr FRM 3.00% 0.18 2.95% 0.19 3.26% 0.15
1/1 Yr ARM 2.73% 0.11 2.69% 0.15 2.73% 0.17
3/1 Yr ARM 3.02% 0.07 3.01% 0.10 2.92% 0.05
5/1 Yr ARM 2.94% 0.15 2.87% 0.19 2.96% 0.11
7/1 Yr ARM 3.03% 0.20 2.96% 0.19 3.15% 0.14
10/1 Yr ARM 3.26% 0.19 3.17% 0.22 3.45% 0.10
For information on obtaining conforming and jumbo averages, click here

Statistics reflect owner-occupied 1-4 family and condos: previously occupied homes. The data include both conforming and jumbo loans for "A" credit borrowers and include a wide range of LTV and discount structures. Click here for detailed explanations of the terms and data used above.

Previous editions of the HSH Statistical Release are archived at the bottom of this page..

HSH National Interest Rate Benchmarks
For Week Ending 09/16/2016
  This MonthMonth AgoYear Ago Latest Trends
Loan TypesAverage RateAverage RateAverage Rate Click for Graph
New Auto Loans
All Terms,
FICO 720+
3.99% 4.06% 3.95%
Used Auto Loans
All Terms,
FICO 720+
4.25% 4.30% 4.27%
Home Equity Loans
Fixed Rates,
80% CLTV
6.12% 6.08% 6.12%
Home Equity Lines
80% CLTV
5.52% 5.54% 5.16%

Source: HSH.com, Riverdale, NJ 1-800-UPDATES   
Compile Date: 09/16/2016    © HSH Associates

Conforming, Jumbo and FHA data series are available via data license.

Get combined statistics on various metropolitan areas.

Current Indexes for Adjustable Rate Mortgages
Last update: 09/15/2016
  Week ending  Month of
  09/09/16 Aug 16
   1 Year Treasury Security 0.57% 0.57%
   3 Year Treasury Security 0.89% 0.85%
   5 Year Treasury Security 1.17% 1.13%
  10 Year Treasury Security 1.59% 1.56%
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  Monthly Treasury Average (MTA) Aug 16 0.5225%
  FHFA National Mortgage Contract Rate Jul 16 3.62%
  11th District Cost of Funds Jul 16 0.693%
  Prime Rate, as of 12/17/15 3.50%
Source: ARMindexes.com