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NFL playoff teams: Success at home and on the field


New Orleans

  • Median-home price: $162,500
  • Mortgage rate: 4.70 percent
  • Homeownership rate: 62.3 percent
  • Foreclosure rate: 4.7 percent
  • Average ticket cost: $220.00
  • Stadium name: Mercedes-Benz Superdome
  • Last time in playoffs: 2011
  • Last time in Super Bowl: 2009
  • UPDATE: Current Super Bowl odds (as of 1/6/14): 15 to 1

The Saints are traveling to Philadelphia this weekend to face the Eagles. While the weather is warmer in the Crescent City, New Orleans homebuyers and homeowners may wish they were traveling to Philadelphia as well. Mortgage rates are lower, home prices are higher, more residents own homes, and ticket prices are cheaper in the City of Brotherly Love. But would Saints fans trade all of that for a playoff win? I bet they might.

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Wild Card Round - Winning Team Colored
Philadelphia Matchup New Orleans   Green Bay Matchup San Francisco  
$ 231,600 Median Home Price 162,500   $ 211,800 Median Home Price $ 705,000  
4.56 Mortgage Rate 4.70   4.60 Mortgage Rate 4.68  
69.3 Homeownership Rate 62.3   57.9 Homeownership Rate 55.1  
5.70 Foreclosure Rate 4.70   4.4 Foreclosure Rate 2.3  
Cincinnati Matchup San Diego   Indianapolis Matchup Kansas City  
$ 142,100 Median Home Price 485,000   $ 143,500 Median Home Price $ 162,300  
4.66 Mortgage Rate 4.66   4.67 Mortgage Rate 4.56  
64 Homeownership Rate 53.9   67.4 Homeownership Rate 65  
4.9 Foreclosure Rate 2.4   4.9 Foreclosure Rate 3.1  
After the Wild Card Round, teams in cities with the higher mortgage rate went 4-0.
*Cincinnati and San Diego have the same mortgage rate
Divisional Round
New Orleans Matchup Seattle   San Francisco Matchup Carolina  
4.70 Mortgage Rate 4.71   4.68 Mortgage Rate 4.54  
San Diego Matchup Denver   Indianapolis Matchup New England  
4.66 Mortgage Rate 4.64    4.67 Mortgage Rate 4.57  

New Orleans won’t be able to handle the Seattle weather and their fans. San Diego will defeat Denver for a second time. San Francisco will sneak by Carolina's tough defense. Indianapolis takes the last name of their quarterback and will run with it.

Championship Round - based on projections
San Francisco Matchup Seattle   San Diego Matchup Indianapolis  
4.68 Mortgage Rate 4.71   4.66 Mortgage Rate 4.67  
 Seattle is just too good and their fans are just too loud. Indianapolis's "Luck" won't run out just yet.
Super Bowl - based on projections
Indianapolis Matchup Seattle          
4.67 Mortgage Rate 4.71          
 Favorites since the start of the year, the Seattle Seahawks will be Super Bowl champions.