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Current Mortgage Rates in South Dakota

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Data for 30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage available from 1994-2006.

Data for 15 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage available from 1994-2006.

Data for 30 Year 5/1 ARM available from 1994-2006.

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Mortgage Rates for Feb. 03 - 10 , 2006*

Product Interest Rate Points National Average
30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage 6.13% 0.00 6.39%
15 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage 5.73% 0.00 6.01%
30 Year 5/1 ARM n/a n/a 6.04%
*weekly rolling averages

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8/05 9/05 10/05 11/05 12/05 1/06 2/06
30-Year-FRM 5.69 5.63 5.89 6.30 6.28 6.00 6.13
15-Year-FRM 5.31 5.19 5.48 5.79 5.81 5.58 5.73
30-Year-5-1-ARM 5.50 n/a 5.63 n/a 5.88 5.88 n/a

Current Mortgage Rates in South Dakota

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Mortgage Refinance rates in South Dakota

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4.125% Rate

30 Yr. Fixed

4.329% APR

$1,465 / month (est)

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Updated 5/3/2016

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3.875% Rate

30 Yr. Fixed

3.918% APR

$1,422 / month (est)

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Updated 5/3/2016

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Mortgage Trends in South Dakota

Popular Property Types

Single-Family Homes

*Single-Family Homes make up 97.2% of purchased or refinanced homes


*Condominiums make up 1.1% of purchased or refinanced homes

PUD Homes

*PUD or Planned Unit Development homes make up 0.3% of purchased or refinanced homes


*Townhomes make up 1.3% of purchased or refinanced homes

Average Property Value

Average Annual Property Taxes

Average Mortgage Balance

Data source: CoreLogic

Popular Mortgage and Refinance Types

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