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Mortgage Statistics compiled by HSH Associates

HSH Associates has conducted the same objective, editorial survey every week for over 25 years in metropolitan areas nationwide.

Here is an index to the mortgage statistics which we compile. Some stats are available for free. Our in-depth statistics -- including conforming, jumbo, and expanded conforming statistics -- are available for purchase on a one-time and/or a subscription basis. (Interested in publishing some of our free stats on your website? Click here.)

For "frequently asked questions" about our statistics, click here. To purchase HSH statistics, click here.

Expanded Conforming Statistics
-- An HSH exclusive
Daily National Statistics
-- More than 25 years available
Weekly stats: HSH Statistical Release
-- More than 25 years available
Weekly Metropolitan Statistics
-- More than 25 years available
National Monthly Statistics,
Hybrid ARM Statistics
-- An HSH exclusive
Three graphs of mortgage rates:
FRM, ARM, and 5/1 Hybrid ARM.

We do not have, and cannot supply, statistics on loan origination, product share, housing sales, or housing prices. Please see our stats FAQ.
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