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30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates: current mortgage rates from lenders in the HSH editorial survey

30-Year Fixed

Mortgage Rates for Sep. 26 - Oct. 03 , 2014*

Product Interest Rate Points National Average
30-Year Fixed 4.22% 0.17 4.22%
15-Year Fixed 3.53% 0.11 3.53%
5/1 ARM 3.30% 0.10 3.30%
*weekly rolling averages

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  • Rate changes: Never; fully fixed for entire term
  • Benefits: Low, stable payment; usually easiest qualification
  • Alternative Strategy: Consider Hybrid ARM with appropriate fixed period
  • Useful for: Purchasing a home; first-time homebuyers; refinancing to improve cash flow/lower payment
  • Consider if: Buying or refinancing a home and planning on owning for longer than 10 years
  • When shopping, ask about: "Full cost" vs. "No cost" refinances, prepaying loan to shorten term if desired

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Mortgage refinance rates in Virginia

4.500% Rate

30 Yr. Fixed

4.771% APR

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Updated 9/30/2014

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Here's a small random sample of loan rates drawn from the survey of objective information we collect every day. Our database contains current data on thousands of loans from lenders coast to coast -- including jumbo loans.

Unlike other 'surveys,' and other Web sites, the below mortgage rates are not advertisements. HSH contacts lenders across the country every week -- the same objective survey we've conducted for over 30 years. Our data is so reliable that it's used by Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, the media, and other clients.

These are representative of loans which may be offered in your area, but we don't claim that these are the "best" available. There are many factors which make the "best" loan dependent upon your individual circumstance.

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Lender State Phone Lending Area % down
Rate %
Maximum Loan
BMO HARRIS BANK AZ 602-765-7805 ALL ARIZONA 25 4.375 0 650
CENTURY BANK & TRUST MA 617-557-2950 ALL MASSACHUSETTS 20 4.25 0 417
CHASE BANK MA 800-692-8300 ALL MASSACHUSETTS,NH,RI,ME 10 4.5 0.5 417
CHASE BANK FL 561-640-4521 ALL FLORIDA 20 4.25 0.25 417
CHASE BANK MA 800-692-8300 ALL MASSACHUSETTS,NH,RI,ME 20 4.25 0 1000
CITIBANK, FSB CA 415-981-3180 ALL CALIFORNIA 20 4.125 0.375 650
CITIBANK, FSB CA 415-981-3180 ALL CALIFORNIA 20 4.25 0 417
CITIBANK, FSB CA 415-981-3180 ALL CALIFORNIA 20 4.125 0.375 625
CITIZENS BANK RI 401-459-3000 ALL RHODE ISLAND 20 4.375 0 417
COMERICA BANK AZ 602-297-8450 ALL ARIZONA 20 4.35 0 417
EASTERN BANK MA 800-327-8376 ALL MASSACHUSETTS 20 4.125 0 417
FIRST NIAGARA BANK NY 585-393-0660 ALL NEW YORK 20 4.25 0 417
FIRSTBANK OF COLORADO CO 303-232-2000 DENVER METRO 20 4 0.875 1000
TCF BANK WISCONSIN, FSB WI 414-471-8500 ALL WISCONSIN 20 4.75 0 750
TCF NATIONAL BANK MN 612-823-2265 ALL MINNESOTA 20 4.75 0 750
TD BANK PA 215-443-5054 ALL PENNSYLVANIA,NJ,NY,DE 20 4.312 0 1000
THIRD FEDERAL S&L OH 513-458-2300 ALL OHIO 20 4.24 0 417


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  • All interest rates and terms are subject to change without notice.
  • These lenders offer many different loan programs. If you want one that isn't listed, contact the lender directly.
  • The conforming loan limit for a one-family home is $417,000; two- to four-family homes have higher loan amounts.
  • Lenders which offer conforming loans almost always offer jumbo loans as well.

Column heading key

Lender: The institution. If a credit union, you'll need to contact them for membership information and details.

State: The state in which the lender is located.

Phone: The lender's contact number.

Lending Area: The area which the listed office serves.

Adjustment Period: How often the interest rate adjusts (in years).

Term:The total term of the mortgage.

Down Payment: The required down payment for the listed loan.

Interest Rate: The interest rate being charged for the listed loan.

Points: A fee, expressed as a percentage of the loan amount.
One point is equal to a 1% fee; a 1% fee on $100,000 would be a $1000 fee.

Maximum Loan: The maximum dollar amount available at the listed rates and terms.

Index Used: The name of the index used to govern rate changes.