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Thoughts on Mortgage Risk, Housing Bubbles and Market Perceptions

The HSH Mortgage Glossary

A Growing Case For One-Year ARMs

Q & A: Piggyback Mortgages

The Principal Facts of Interest-only Mortgages (with accompanying graphs)

Ten Best Ways to Improve Your Mortgage Experience
   Tips for a better refinance or purchase transaction

ARMs: Hows, Whos and Whys
   What You Need to Know About Adjustable Rate Mortgages

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   "FICO" and Credit Scoring

(Free Content) Shared Appreciation Mortgages Re-Debut

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Prepaying Your Mortgage for Fun and Profit

Print this handy monthly payment table!

ARM Check Kit: How To Verify Your Interest Rate Adjustment
Finally, an easy way to verify your ARM's interest rate. Mistakes can and do happen; finding an error might save you money. This 12-page kit gives you complete directions on how to double-check your lender, a worksheet, and 2 years of those hard-to-find index values -- plus what to do if you find an error.

Handy Graphs

All publications on our website are Copyright © HSH® Associates.
All rights reserved. Contact us regarding reproduction of this content.

The Federal Funds Rate

Federal Funds vs. 10 Year Treasury & mortgage rates

Federal Funds vs. Prime Rate & mortgage rates

Three-year graph of Fixed Rate Mortgages

Three-year graph of Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Three-year graph of 5/1 Hybrid Adj. Rate Mortgages

Five graphs showing One Scenario for Interest-Only Mortgages

HSH's Low-Cost "Guide to" Booklets

The following booklets are available individually for $4 for postage & handling -- or just $2 with the purchase of the Homebuyer's Mortgage Kit.

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Buy NowA Homebuyer's Guide to Mortgage Fees and Qualification
This booklet details the costs and procedures of buying a home from FICO scores to Tax Service Fees, and provides a point-by-point review of the common fees that face every homebuyer. There's also a worksheet for determining just home much mortgage they can qualify to borrow, and an amortization table for determining monthly payments for a mortgage. 12 pages.

Buy NowA Homebuyer's Guide to Mortgage Strategies
Should you take a FRM, Balloon or Hybrid or traditional ARM? In today's volatile market, choosing the right kind of mortgage is even more crucial than ever before. Discussions of short vs. long time frames, assumable mortgages, prepayment options, worst case/worst cost scenarios will help you make the right decision. Mortgage Strategies will get you in tune with the current mortgage climate. 12 pages.

Buy NowA Homeowner's Guide to Mortgage Refinancing
Why should you refi? When? How much can it cost? What is involved? Should you always select a fixed-rate loan when you refi, or can an ARM be a better deal? Pay fees, or go with a no- cost refi? This booklet helps you answer these questions, and offers tips on how to save time & money when you refinance and how to speed up the process. Also includes worksheets to determine how much you could save, and more.

Buy NowA Homeowner's Guide to Prepaying Your Mortgage
Already refinanced, or can't refinance? Changing the way you pay your mortgage can still help you to save a bundle of cash. Just an extra $10 each month can add up to thousands of dollars in interest savings. This booklet is right for you if you've ever wondered whether to prepay or invest your money, wondered about biweekly payment plans, want to retire mortgage-free, and more, with details on exactly how to fit your mortgage into your financial goals. Find out how! 12 pages.

Buy NowA Homeowner's Guide to Private Mortgage Insurance
This booklet provides valuable information for any homeowner whose loan requires MI, including answers to questions which include "How do I get PMI? Where does it come from, and how does it work? Who does it benefit, and why? And how can you get rid of it when it's no longer needed?" The specifics of when and how it can be cancelled are spelled out in plain language. A table of how equity is built by amortization alone and how it builds with a combination of amortization and home price appreciation will help consumers to understand when MI policies may be cancelled, and a sample letter to send to a lender or servicer to initiate the task is also provided. 12 pages.

Buy NowA Homeowner's Guide to Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit
What's the difference between a loan and a line? How do you find the best product for your needs? No-nonsense instructions on fixed rate, variable rate, indexes, draw periods, and more, about the only tax-deductible form of consumer borrowing. This 12-page booklet gives you the straight facts on how they work & how to shop for one with all the facts, and includes a list of survey questions you need to ask while shopping. Don't leverage your home without it!

Buy NowA Homebuyer's Guide To Environmental Hazards
Information on potential health and safety problems posed by asbestos, radon, lead, and other hazards that may be in the air, drinking water, or the soil around a home. This is a reprint of a cooperative publication developed by the EPA, trade associations, and state and federal agencies representing the U.S. housing and home finance industry. 16 pages. Environmental Hazards is also available on our Web site at no cost.

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