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HSH mortgage survey

Mortgages Offered by Local Lenders
from the HSH Editorial Survey

HSH Associates conducts a weekly survey of mortgage lenders across the United States; what you see here is a sample taken from that survey. The sample of programs changes every business day.

This is an editorial survey, which means that lenders aren't paid to participate. We collect "street rates" from the loan officers, which produces more accurate results than rates gathered from the marketing department or even the lender's own website.

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The past decade's worth of historical mortgage rate information is available. View a 36-month graph of FRM rates or ARM rates.

There's Still More

We have lots of mortgage info. Polling lenders from across the country every week builds an impressive database of objective data -- not advertising 'fluff.' You can take advantage of all that information... whether you're buying a home, refinancing, researching the competition, or getting a handle on the entire industry. (Yes, we have that much data.)

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Need in-depth, objective, believeable statistics? HSH has been in business for nearly 30 years -- long before the Internet, and long enough to have earned a reputation as the best available resource. Check our historical statistics.

All information is believed to be accurate as of compilation date. HSH Associates makes every reasonable effort to supply complete, accurate information, but assumes no liability for errors or omissions.

All data presented is copyright by HSH Associates, Financial Publishers, Riverdale NJ. All rights reserved.

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