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Current mortgage rates - March 3, 2015

Mortgage rates have been bouncing around the last two months. We started 2015 on a downward trajectory, as mortgage rates trended downward for most of the month. February responded in an opposing fashion, as mortgage rates increased, erasing most of January’s decline. But last week concluded the month of February with another rate decline. For the week ending Feb. 27, 30-year fixed-rate mortgages fell by 0.04% to 3.92%. The 15-year companion fell by 0.03% to 3.25%. FHA-backed 30-year FRMs fell by 0.01% to 3.74%. The 5/1 Hybrid ARM fell by 0.06% to 3.08% for the week.
Loan Current Previous
30-year Fixed *
3.86 3.90
15-year Fixed *
3.23 3.16
1-year ARM
2.50 2.25
* Conforming, Expanded Conforming, and Jumbo Rates.
Time Range: 1m | 6m | 1y

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