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What's Your Credit Grade? Find Out with credit score calculator

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Mortgage (and other loan) qualification is increasingly being done by means of "credit scoring." This is a mathematical analysis which considers many different aspects of your credit history -- late payments, delinquencies, tax liens, etc -- and expresses it as a single number, or "grade."

This credit score calculator will "score" your credit using the number of late payments you have on various credit accounts. This isn't a true "credit score," but will give you a pretty good idea of how you'd fare. Please note that different lenders may count late payments older than 12 months against you; ours doesn't. And different lenders may assign you a higher or lower score, depending on their internal underwriting requirements.

For more information, see Typical Specifications for B-C-D Credit.

Instructions: Simply make your selections from the dropdown boxes in the table below. Your credit grade will be automatically upgraded whenever a selection is made.

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