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Mortgage Information

HSH.com® is the nation's largest publisher of mortgage and consumer loan information. We've been tracking mortgage markets for over 30 years, so we think we've earned our reputation as the best source for current and accurate loan information -- as witness our frequent media appearances.

HSH is an objective, independent source of information about consumer loans. HSH does not make or broker mortgages and is not beholden to any lender. Read what people say about our products and services.

Our Editorial Surveys

Every week, as we have for over 30 years, we collect current data from mortgage lenders coast to coast. Every institution in our database is contacted directly, branch by branch, to obtain reliable data. Rigorous quality control procedures ensure that the data are believable.

Our clients include the media, Fortune 500 companies, lenders, secondary marketers, Wall Street firms, state and Federal regulators, and mortgage shoppers. They rely upon our information because it is the best available -- from any source. Lenders do not pay us to include them in our reports. Our website is the only portion of our business that accepts advertising -- and only in areas clearly labeled as advertising forums.

HSH is the exclusive source for objective, editorial daily mortgage statistics -- not derived from advertised rates. You won't find such believable stats anywhere else, on or off the Web.

And because we're a consumerist organization, we don't hesitate to tell it like it is. Our extensive library of must-know articles is at your disposal. And our products for mortgage-shopping consumers provides the same objective advice we've offered since HSH was founded in 1979.

Mortgage and finance industry professionals also benefit from our careful, painstaking research. In addition to our industry-standard loan competition reports, we offer customized management summaries and other products for lenders, secondary marketers, wholesalers, and others.

We also maintain an extensive national database of home equity line of credit products, auto loans, and other installment loans from major metro areas nationwide. Surveys of any type of financial product may be commissioned.

HSH also offers a wide range of services to our clientele including -- but certainly not limited to -- customized surveys of any product, custom-generated statistics, trend analysis, loan archives dating back a decade and more, research services, rate-sheet services, and more.

HSH in the News

You've seen HSH mentioned all over the place, from your local paper to The Wall Street Journal. A lot of it comes from Keith T. Gumbinger, a longtime observer who knows the consumer-credit markets inside and out. Reporters can get in touch with him here.

Take advantage of our inside, in-depth knowledge of the markets with our weekly Market Trends newsletter - why not sign up for a free subscription?

Advertising Opportunities

Like other commercial websites, we take advertising from a variety of, well, advertisers. Lenders advertise their 'best' products in one or more of our Showcase venues. Lenders interested in advertising should go here.

Mortgage Rates, free content and lots more

HSH's mortgage information -- including our daily statistics and other valuable content -- is the centerpiece of our own extremely popular website, a resource site which draws tens of thousands of visitors daily.

Have a website or blog? Looking for fresh, vital content updated every business day? Check out our free content -- including daily interest rates as well as graphs and charts. You might also like our mortgage calculators, too -- very popular!

We track a variety of Adjustable Rate Mortgage indexes and make them available on our family of websites.

Whatever your information needs -- national, regional, or local -- HSH Associates can meet them. Additional information on the many products and services which HSH provides is available from HSH.

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