Debt Statutes of Limitation for Every State

All states have statutes of limitation for debt collection. When a legally-defined period has passed, creditors must cease collection efforts. The map below shows how many years it takes for a debt to become uncollectible in your state.

Note that some debts such as government-backed student loans do not fall under these statutes.

Debt Statutes of Limitations by State


Warning About Contacting Creditors

You must be careful when contacting collection agencies or other creditors if your debt is old. By acknowledging the debt, promising to pay or attempting to settle it or make a partial payment, you can restart the statutes of limitations clock. For older debt, first contact the credit reporting agencies (CRAs) and have them verify the dent with the collection agency. If you want to negotiate a settlement or payment, try a letter like this one so you specifically deny acknowledgement of the debt.

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