Mortgage Payoff Calculator

Want to pay off your mortgage on a specific date? Use this mortgage payoff calculator. Enter a specific date and learn how much additional payment you'll need to make each month to pay off your mortgage on that date.

Pay off your mortgage on your desired date

To see the amount of prepayment you'll need, please enter your loan amount, loan term, interest rate and date you made the first payment on your mortgage. Now add the date when you want to start making prepayments and the date you want your mortgage to end, then click "calculate".

The calculator will show results that include how much additional monthly payment you'll need, the total monthly payment, how much interest you'll save and how much time has been trimmed from your original loan term.

Mortgage Payoff Calculator


Please enter loan amount greater than 0

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Payment Summary
Additional Monthly Payment -
Total Monthly Payment (New) -
Total Interest Saved (by the end of loan term) -
Total Time Reduced -
Your Present Loan Situation
Current Monthly Principal and Interest Payment -
Original total interest due -
Months paid until prepayment started -
Remaining Loan balance at start of prepayment -
Remaining interest due when prepayment began -
Months still remaining on loan -
Your Terminated Loan
Total months of prepayments -
New monthly payment, including prepayment -
Total interest paid to your end point -
Total interest saved by terminating your loan -
Total months reduced -

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