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Metro Area Mortgage Statistics - Average Mortgage Rates

HSH's Metropolitan Area Mortgage Statistics chart lists the average mortgage rates and total points (including origination fees) for some of the many metro areas which HSH surveys regularly. (Members of the media can get stats for metros not shown here -- just contact us.)

As with our Statistical Release, both conforming and jumbo mortgages are included in these statistics, because this gives you a much more accurate look at your local mortgage market -- particularly if you live in a high-cost area where you need a jumbo loan for a one-family home. Read our stats FAQ for more about this.

Agency jumbo (also known as expanded conforming and jumbo conforming) statistics -- exclusively from HSH! Learn more!

All of our market statistics come from our weekly survey of loans across the US. We also post daily national mortgage statistics and hybrid ARM statistics

We maintain time-series statistical histories on this, and nearly every facet of, the mortgage market, including jumbo mortgages (an HSH exclusive!). Other series include mortgage stats by lender type, monthly HE products, new/used Auto loans, and other categories. Check a list of professional products.

Selected Metropolitan Area Statistics
for week ending 09/16/16

See our complete list of metro areas

  30 Year FRM 15 Year FRM 1 Year ARM
Metro Area Interest Rate Total Points Interest Rate Total Points Interest Rate Total Points
CA/Los Angeles3.56%0.253.02%0.324.00%0.25
CA/San Francisco3.62%0.183.02%0.242.88%0.13
DC/Washington DC3.58%0.292.97%0.353.38%0.00
NY/New York City3.60%0.253.08%0.243.13%0.43
TX/Dallas-Ft Worth3.71%0.272.93%0.302.44%0.00
NW/National FHA3.44%0.10n/a%n/a4.25%0.00
Source: HSH Associates, Financial Publishers   http://www.hsh.com/

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