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Kemberley Washington,CPA
Professor of Accounting at Dillard University
Kem’s personal finance blog, kemberley.com, provides financial savvy tips to young adults; author of 21 Days of Powerful Breakthroughs

    Christopher Wedding,  Ph.D.
    Adjunct Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at University of North Carolina
    Dr. Wedding is the founder of IronOak Innovations, a strategy consultancy, and g-bit.com, a market intelligence software

      Raphael Bostic, Ph.D.
      Director of the Bedrosian Center on Governance at the University of Southern California
      Previously Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Research at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

        Richard Green, Ph.D
        Director of the Lusk Center of Real Estate at the University of Southern California
        Previously Chair of Real Estate Finance at The George Washington University School of Business

          John W. Diamond,  Ph.D.
          Adjunct Professor of Economics at Rice University
          CEO of Tax Policy Advisers, LLC

            Thomas Thibodeau,Ph.D.
            Academic Director at the University of Colorado Real Estate Center
            Over 30 years of experience, Tom currently serves on the Technical Advisor Board for Zillow.com

              Robert Eyler, Ph.D.
              Professor and Chair of Economics at Sonoma State University
              Founder and Chief Economist of the Marin Economic Forum

                Bill Watkins, Ph.D.
                Associate Professor of Economics at California Lutheran University
                Launched Cal Lutheran's Master of Science in Economics program>

                  Kristoph Kleiner,  Ph.D.
                  Assistant Professor of Finance at Indiana University
                  Areas of research expertise include household finance, empirical macroeconomics, and real estate finance.

                    Anand Bhattacharya, Ph.D.
                    Professor of Finance Practice at Arizona State University
                    Over 25 years of experience, notably president and CEO of Countrywide Capital Markets, authored/co-authored over 65 publications
                      Sherwood Clements,PhD, MBA
                      Instructor of Real Estate at University of Alabama Culverhouse College of Commerce
                        Menna Bizuneh,PhD
                        Assistant Professor of Economics at Pitzer College

                          Robert S. Sichel,J.D., L.L.M.
                          Professor of Business Law at Kennesaw State University
                          25 years of experience in real estate and transactional law

                            Anthony B. Sanders, Ph.D.
                            Distinguished Professor of Real Estate Finance at George Mason University

                              Eric Zinn,J.D., LL.M., M.B.A.
                              Director of the Graduate Tax Program at the University of Colorado Denver Business School

                                Bennie Waller,  Ph.D.
                                Professor of Finance and Real Estate at Longwood University
                                Consulting and research focused on housing externality issues, technology, financial literacy, and financial education

                                  Bernard Weinstein,  Ph.D.
                                  Adjunct Professor of Business Economics at Southern Methodist University
                                  Author and co-author of numbers books and articles on economic development and public policy, and a fellow with the George W. Bush Institute

                                    Mark A. Lane,  Ph.D.
                                    Associate Professor of Real Estate and Finance at Old Dominion University
                                    Areas of research expertise in behavioral real estate, residential, and commercial.

                                      John Glascock,  Ph.D.
                                      Director of Center for Real Estate at University of Connecticut
                                      Areas of research expertise include Real Estate-REITS, Housing Policy, Valuation Finance, Investments and Capital Markets.

                                        Bonnie Villarreal,MAcc
                                        Director of Graduate Accounting Programs atUtah State University Jon M. Huntsman School of Business 

                                          Arindam Bandopadhyaya,  Ph.D.
                                          Chair of Department of Accounting and Finance at College of Management at University of Massachusetts Boston

                                            Mark Johnson, Ph.D.
                                            Associate Professor of Finance at Loyola University Maryland Sellinger School of Business and Management

                                              Sharon Lee, DBA
                                              Associate Professor of Finance, Risk Management and Insurance at University of Hawai'i, West O'ahu

                                                Mitchell Fillet, MBA
                                                Lecturer of Finance and Business Economics at Fordham University
                                                Areas of research expertise include general finance, entrepreneurship, real estate finance, and risk analysis and management.

                                                  Peter Reinhart, Esq.
                                                  Director of the Kislak Real Estate Institute at Monmouth University
                                                  Senior Vice President and General Counsel for Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc. for 33 years.

                                                    Andrea Heuson,  Ph.D.
                                                    Professor of Finance at School of Business at University of Miami
                                                    Areas of research expertise include mortgage and fixed income markets, bond pricing, corporate and real estate valuation models

                                                      Tony Ciochetti,  Ph.D.
                                                      Professor of Finance and Real Estate at University of Texas at San Antonio
                                                      Currently on the Board of Directors of Real Estate Economics. Areas of research expertise include commercial mortgage credit risk.

                                                        Farrokh Hormozi,  Ph.D.
                                                        Professor of Economics at Pace University
                                                        Acting Director and Senior Economist at the Michaelian Institute for Public Policy and Research at Pace University.

                                                          James Spencer, Ph.D.
                                                          Professor of City and Regional Planning at Clemson University

                                                            Ray Hill,  Ph.D.
                                                            Senior Lecturer of Finance at Emory University
                                                            Areas of specialization include project finance, macroeconomic and monetary policy, energy economics and finance.

                                                              Harold R. Christensen,  Ph.D.
                                                              Professor of Economics at Centenary College of Louisiana
                                                              Economist at Delphi Econometrics, over 30 years of teaching experience

                                                                Michael J. McNamara,  Ph.D.
                                                                Professor of Insurance at Washington State University
                                                                Over 25 years of teaching experience in finance, risk management, and insurance

                                                                  Ken H. Johnson,Ph.D
                                                                  Faculty Director of the Tibor and Shelia Hollo School of Real Estate at Florida International University
                                                                  Over a decade of experience as a real estate broker, Ken’s real estate blog, http://kenhjohnson.com/, provides insight on the market

                                                                    Michael Seiler, Ph.D.
                                                                    Professor of Real Estate and Finance at The College of William & Mary
                                                                    Founder and Director at Institute for Behavioral and Experimental Real Estate, www.IBERE.org

                                                                      Peter Muoio,PhD, CFA
                                                                      Managing Director at Auction.com
                                                                      Senior Principal of Maximus Advisors with over 25 years of experience in real estate research