COVID-19 continues roiling markets; See what's happening with mortgage rates today.

COVID-19 continues roiling markets; See what's happening with mortgage rates today.

Sample Good Faith Estimate of Closing Costs

HSH notation: By law, your lender or mortgage broker must provide you this Good Faith Estimate of Closing costs within three days of the date you applied for a mortgage. Not all of the fees listed may apply to your loan, and the dollar amounts listed for those which do are only estimates and may vary, depending upon the particulars of your loan.

Before the mortgage market meltdown, lenders were free to develop their own versions of the form, with mortgage market regulators requiring that all the information be displayed but caring little about the form in which it was presented.

With several studies noting that dissimilar documents from different lenders created more confusion that clarity -- and with borrower confusion implicated in the failure of at least some mortgage loans -- HUD now requires that all lenders use a standardized document, so the Good Faith Estimate of Closing Costs (GFE) you will get is exactly the same no matter where you go.

At the same time, new "variance" standards came into play. The new GFE spells out for the first time which fees may change and which may not, and for those that can change, how much they might vary from the estimate to what they actually cost when the loan gets to the closing table. For the most part, the fees listed on the GFE must be substantially similar to those laid out on the final settlement statement, known as the HUD-1 form. 

The new document required by HUD can be seen here. We've kept an older version below, since it can help you to see the differences between old and new, and we've provided some explanations of the fees (just hover over the numbered link).


Lender Name
Property Info

HSH notation: If you have applied for a mortgage through a mortgage broker who will then show around for a deal for you, you won't see a lender name listed, but instead will see the following, either printed or checked off:

This Good Faith Estimate is being provided by [broker name], a mortgage broker, and no lender has yet been obtained.

The information provided below reflects estimates of the charges which you are likely to incur at the settlement of your loan. The fees listed are estimates -- the actual charges may be mor or less. Your transaction may not involve a fee for every item listed.

The numbers listed beside the estimates generally correspond to the numbered lines contained in the HUD-1 settlement statement (purchase transactions) or HUD-1A (refinance or home equity loan transactions) that you will be receiving at settlement. The HUD-1 or HUD-1A settlement statement will show you the final, actual cost for items paid at settlement.

Item (see footnote 1)HUD - 1 or HUD -1AAmount or range
Loan origination fee801$______
Loan discount fee802$______
Appraisal fee803$______
Credit report804$______
Inspection fee805$______
Mortgage broker feeUse blank line in 800 section$______
CLO access feeUse blank line in 800 section$______
Tax related service feeUse blank line in 800 section$______
Interest for {x} days at $______ per day901$______
Mortgage insurance premium902$______
Hazard insurance premiums903$______
Hazard Insurance1001$______
Mortgage Insurance1002$______
City Property Taxes1003$______
County Property Taxes1004$______
Annual Assessments1005$______
Settlement fee1101$______
Abstract or title search1102$______
Title examination1103$______
Document preparation fee1105$______
Attorney's fee1107$______
Title Insurance1108$______
Recording fees1201$______
City/County tax stamps1202$______
State tax1203$______
Pest Inspection1302$______
Other fees -- list here $______


Authorized Official________________________________________________________________________________

These estimates are provided pursuant to the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act of 1974, as amended (RESPA). Additional information can be found in the HUD Special Information Booklet, which is to be provided to you by your mortgage broker or lender, if your application is to purchase residential real property and the Lender will take a first lien on the property.

Footnote 1: Items for which there is estimated to be no charge to the borrower are not required to be listed. Any additional items for which there is estimated to be a charge to the borrower shall be listed if required on the HUD -1.

This was the required content to be displayed in the form through 2009.

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