You can do it yourself! Find the "best" mortgage fast -- for just $20.

You can do it yourself!
Find the "best" mortgage fast -- for just $20.

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How do you find the "best" mortgage? You can pay a mortgage broker, and pay a commission -- or you can do it yourself.

But you don't have the time to call a lot of lenders, or try to find their ads in the newspaper or on the Internet. You need a mortgage now.

Get the Homebuyer's Mortgage Kit from HSH Associates. For just $20, you'll get an up-to-date list of lenders in your area - with their current rates & terms. And you'll get a 56-page booklet jam-packed with the good, solid advice you need to pick the best mortgage for your needs. (Experienced shoppers can purchase just our renowned non-advertising mortgage surveys for $10 plus $1 s/h each -- or just the "How to Shop" booklet for $10 plus $3 s/h.)

The Kit's list of lenders comes from our weekly survey of lenders across the country. It's not advertising -- we've been doing it since 1979. MONEY Magazine has called it "one of the 100 best deals in America." The leading consumer reports magazine has featured it -- several times. And for good reason: HSH Associates isn't a lender. We're a financial publisher -- your best source of objective, nonbiased advice. There's no advertising in the Kit -- none.

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