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Mortgage calculator with extra payments

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Adding extra payments by rounding your mortgage loan payment up to the next whole-dollar increment can bring big savings, simply, easily and painlessly on your budget. Even simply rounding up to the next one dollar might save you hundreds of dollars in interest costs over the life of your loan, so round up your payment to corral some fantastic savings!

Note: We round up your current mortgage payment to the next $1, $5, $10, $25, $50 and $100. However, the number of options you'll see depend upon where the last two dollar digits of your payment falls between $1 and $99. You may see all six options,  but the closer you are to the next hundred to start with, you'll see fewer rounding increments.

Save money simply and easily by rounding your payments
Your initial loan amount$
The loan's term Years
The loan's interest rate %
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