For your consideration: Our observations regarding What's holding back the housing market?

For your consideration: Our observations regarding What's holding back the housing market?

New at HSH.com: Guide to Prepaying Your Mortgage

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Homeowners considering mortgage prepayment can access sound guidance on whether or not to retire their mortgage early.

Foster City, CA March 25, 2019 - HSH.com, a trusted online resource for mortgage data, content and expertise, has released a comprehensive content suite today to help homeowners learn about prepaying their mortgages and how to save interest in painless and sometimes surprising ways.

HSH’s mortgage expert, Keith Gumbinger, provides a collection of eight articles in the mortgage prepayment guide, covering everything a homeowner might need to know about mortgage prepayment, including:

  • When it’s smart to prepay a mortgage, and when it’s not
  • Why prepaying ARMs and interest-only mortgage products is different
  • How to choose between prepaying your mortgage and other financial options
  • Five common prepayment methods and how savings from each are achieved
  • If refinancing is better, and how to gain savings equivalent to refinancing by prepaying
  • What to do when you’ve paid off your mortgage

Please inform your readers that they can find the guide here: https://www.hsh.com/homeowner/mortgage-prepayment-guide.html

HSH.com also provides the calculators needed to reveal prepayment savings. In addition to standard calculators that manage regular, irregular, bi-weekly and lump-sum prepayments, HSH.com offers tools that help borrowers round up their monthly payments, tune their mortgages to any desired term, create prepayment plans that mimic refinance savings, make prepayments to reach specific home equity goals and more.

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Keith Gumbinger, HSH.com’s vice president and the author of the guide is available to discuss mortgage prepayments, ways consumers can save money by prepaying their mortgages and when refinancing may be a more effective option. Press contacts are below; arrange a convenient time to speak with Keith.

Website: https://www.hsh.com
Twitter: @HSHassociates
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