Help: How to convert an (HSH) 'RPT' file to MS Word A brief tutorial for HSH clients

Help: How to convert an (HSH) 'RPT' file to MS Word
A brief tutorial for HSH clients

HSH Associates, Financial Publishers

If you have received an e-mailed "text" report from us (with a filename like REG14.RPT), and are unsure how to read it in Microsoft Word, here is a brief tutorial.

If you prefer, we can resend the report to you in Excel (spreadsheet) format; just ask.

Please note that it is not our place, or our responsibility, to teach you how to use any other company's software. If you still cannot format the report to your satisfaction after following this advice, please seek help from Microsoft or your OS vendor.

  1. Save the file to disk. If you don't know how to do this, ask the vendor of your e-mail software. Or ...
  2. ... Copy the file out of your e-mail window. To select all of the text, place your cursor in the message and press "Ctrl-A" (or Edit, Select All). If your e-mail software doesn't let you do this, or if you can't make it work, again, you should ask the vendor of your e-mail software for assistance.
  3. Open Microsoft Word and, if necessary, create a new document (File, New).
  4. If you used method 1 above, open the file (File, Open). If you used method 2 above, paste the file into the new document (Ctrl-V, or Edit, Paste).
  5. Delete the e-mail header information, if desired.
  6. Select all of the text in the Word document ("Ctrl-A" or Edit Select All).
  7. In the "fonts" window, select "Courier New."
  8. In the "font size" window, select "8" or type in "7" -- whichever size works better for you.
  9. When the document looks best to you, save it. Print it if desired; use "landscape" format.

These generic directions should assist you with converting almost any text file. However, if you have a different word processor which won't respond to these directions, we suggest that you seek assistance from the vendor of the software.

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