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Homebuyer's Mortgage Kit Table of Contents

Learn about mortgage finance from the objective experts

How to Shop For Your Mortgage

An objective primer to the mortgage market, written and researched by

Paul Havemann, VP, HSH Associates
Keith T. Gumbinger, VP, HSH Associates

"How to Shop For Your Mortgage" is a 56-page primer to help mortgage shoppers find the best deal for their own circumstances. For experienced shoppers as well as first-time buyers, How to Shop combines a consumerist "how-to" guide with the insider's wisdom gained by nearly 20 years of dealing with the mortgage market. The authors are recognized consumer authorities on home mortgage financing, and both have been interviewed countless times on TV, radio, and print media.

"How to Shop" is in its fourth edition, and is available separately for $10 (plus $1 s/h) or as part of the Homebuyer's Mortgage Kit for $20 (plus $3 s/h). The Kit has been called "One of the 100 Best Deals in America" by MONEY Magazine. You can order it online for regular or e-mail delivery.

Table of Contents

Getting Ready
Introduction to mortgage shopping
Qualifying to borrow a mortgage loan
Credit records, reports and scoring
Cash & Carry
Down payment issues
Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
Points and Fees
Annual Percentage Rates (APR)
How & Who
How the mortgage market works
Who lends mortgage money, and how?
Loans & Options
Loan types
Fixed rate mortgages and options
Adjustable rate mortgages and options
Your Personal Needs
Which mortgage should you use?
Loan terms
Monthly payments
ARM vs. FRM comparison
Shopping & Applying
Getting ready to mortgage shop
The shopping process
Applying for your mortgage
Do I need a lawyer?
Saving on closing costs
Should I lock in my interest rate?
Processing & Closing
From processing to closing
Approvals and commitments
Issues After Closing
What if my mortgage is sold?
Prepaying your mortgage
More Education
On-line sources

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