Screen Shot: HSH New Auto Loan Survey

Screen Shot: HSH New Auto Loan Survey

An A-credit benchmark survey from bank and thrift originators in more than 30 major metropolitan areas. Hundreds of entries, typically detailing 36-month, 48-month and 60-month non-customer fixed rate pricing for a $20,000 loan. Entries list the Interest Rate, Term, LTV, and Fee. Available as a one-time purchase or on a subscription basis, starting at $400.

Fields included in every report:
Lender name
Metro area
Interest rate
Term (in months)
LTV (loan to value)
Maximum loan amount
Fee ($)

This product is available in both stock and customizeable versions.

This is what our New Auto Survey looks like. It's not supposed to be complete -- it's just an example.

HSH new auto loan survey

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