Last market hits the finish line! A final update for HSH's Home Price Recovery Index.

Last market hits the finish line! A final update for HSH's Home Price Recovery Index.

ARM Indexes: Federal Cost of Funds

Monthly ARM Indexes: Federal Cost of Funds, 1985-present

The Federal Cost of Funds Index (Fed COFI) is used as a benchmark for some types of mortgage loans and securities. It is calculated as the sum of the monthly average interest rates for marketable Treasury bills and for marketable Treasury notes, divided by two, and rounded to three decimal places.

Freddie Mac doesn't define exactly which "marketable Treasury bills and marketable Treasury notes" are included in its calculations, or whether or not they follow a calendar month, utilize weighted averages or other information.

The Federal COFI is made available by Freddie Mac on or about the 20th day of each month. Freddie Mac first began publicly providing the Federal COFI in March, 1991; values are calculated for earlier years to illustrate what the index values would have been for those periods and are provided for research purposes only. The Federal COFI is not adjusted to reflect subsequent changes in the underlying Treasury rates once the value has been posted.

According to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), the Federal Cost of Funds can be used as a replacement for the discontinued Monthly Median Annualized Cost of Funds formerly published by the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS).


ARM Indexes: Federal Cost of Funds from July 2020 to July 2021

Date Federal Cost of Funds
Jul-2021 0.78000
Jun-2021 0.78500
May-2021 0.80600
Apr-2021 0.82300
Mar-2021 0.84500
Feb-2021 0.87600
Jan-2021 0.91100
Dec-2020 0.92500
Nov-2020 0.95800
Oct-2020 1.00300
Sep-2020 1.01900
Aug-2020 1.05300
Jul-2020 1.10700

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6-Month TCM
1-Year TCM

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