Wondering if the income needed to buy a home in the top 50 metro areas is starting to decline? Hint: Not yet.

Wondering if the income needed to buy a home in the top 50 metro areas is starting to decline? Hint: Not yet.

ARM Indexes: 6-Month Secondary Market CD Rates

Full Name: Weekly Certificate of Deposit Rates, Secondary Market

This index may be referred to in ARM disclosures as "Average of Dealer Offering Rates on Nationally Traded 6-Month Certificates of Deposit Averages of Daily Figures Secondary Market Percent Per Annum." This index is defined as "An average of dealer offering rates on nationally traded certificates of deposit; annualized using a 360-day year or bank interest."

These figures are taken from the Federal Reserve Statistical Release H.15 (519), and reflect week-ending dates.

Please note: On December 16, 2013, the Federal Reserve reported that "As of the release on December 16, 2013, the H.15 has ceased publication of the 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month CD rates. Recent attrition has reduced both the number and types of institutions that provide quotes, creating a challenge to construct statistically robust estimates of CD rates, and it is not feasible to resume publication."


ARM Indexes: 6-Month Secondary Market CD Rates from June 2012 to June 2013

Date Six Month Secondary Market CD
Jun-28-2013 0.27000
Jun-21-2013 0.25000
Jun-14-2013 0.25000
Jun-07-2013 0.26000
May-31-2013 0.26000
May-24-2013 0.26000
May-17-2013 0.26000
May-10-2013 0.27000
May-03-2013 0.26000
Apr-26-2013 0.26000
Apr-19-2013 0.26000
Apr-12-2013 0.27000
Apr-05-2013 0.27000
Mar-29-2013 0.27000
Mar-22-2013 0.27000
Mar-15-2013 0.27000
Mar-08-2013 0.28000
Mar-01-2013 0.26000
Feb-22-2013 0.27000
Feb-15-2013 0.28000
Feb-08-2013 0.30000
Feb-01-2013 0.28000
Jan-25-2013 0.30000
Jan-18-2013 0.28000
Jan-11-2013 0.30000
Jan-04-2013 0.31000
Dec-28-2012 0.31000
Dec-21-2012 0.32000
Dec-14-2012 0.32000
Dec-07-2012 0.32000
Nov-30-2012 0.33000
Nov-23-2012 0.34000
Nov-16-2012 0.33000
Nov-09-2012 0.32000
Nov-02-2012 0.35000
Oct-26-2012 0.33000
Oct-19-2012 0.34000
Oct-12-2012 0.35000
Oct-05-2012 0.35000
Sep-28-2012 0.34000
Sep-21-2012 0.37000
Sep-14-2012 0.38000
Sep-07-2012 0.39000
Aug-31-2012 0.39000
Aug-24-2012 0.39000
Aug-17-2012 0.41000
Aug-10-2012 0.41000
Aug-03-2012 0.42000
Jul-27-2012 0.44000
Jul-20-2012 0.47000
Jul-13-2012 0.48000
Jul-06-2012 0.48000
Jun-29-2012 0.49000

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