Amerimac Plaza West Financial is a network of independent mortgage placement centers. We're not a lender. Instead, we work with a wide range of lenders on your behalf, to find the loan program that best fits your needs. We have access to lenders that you can not contact directly. This means we can offer big savings for you.

Amerimac Offers You the Best Solution
  • Most busy home buyers can only take the time to compare programs at a few local lenders. When Amerimac shops for you, we work with over 100 different lending institutions nationwide. We work with lenders in cities you might not think to call, cities with more competitive loan programs than you can get locally.
  • We also have access to lenders you can't work with directly. These "wholesale" lenders usually offer very competitive loan programs since they do not maintain the same overhead as commercial banks or savings and loans. Such programs can offer you substantial savings.
  • All this means we have access to a wide range of lending resources that can offer big saving for you. We always shop around until we find the loan that best meets your needs, at the lowest cost to you. And you generally pay no additional fees or costs to us for this service.
  • Access to a wider variety of lenders is just one of the reasons Amerimac is uniquely qualified to place your next mortgage.

Current Mortgage Rates

Program Rate Points APR Max Loan Fees In
 30 Year Fixed 3.625 -0.75 3.580 $417000 -2250
 15 Year Fixed 2.875 -0.25 2.866 $417000 -250
 5/1 ARM (5/2/5) 2.625 -0.75 2.582 $417000 -2250
 7/1 ARM (5/2/5) 3.000 -1.0 2.937 $417000 -3250
 30 Year Fixed HighBalance 3.75 -0.375 3.732 $625500 -1125
 15 Year Fixed HighBalance 3.25 -0.625 3.182 $625500 -2375
 5/1 ARM HighBalance 2.75 -0.25 2.742 $625500 -500
 30 Year Fixed Jumbo 4.125 -0.314 4.108 2.5m -1505
 15 Year Fixed Jumixed 3.75 -0.331 3.718 2.5m -1632
Rates as of 12/17/2014 and are subject to change.
[The information on this page is updated directly by the lender using HSH's LiveEdit service. Please contact the lender with any questions or comments about the information posted here.]

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