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Mortgage Refinance rates in Alaska

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  • Compare up to 5 Offers, Against a Network of 1000s of Lenders
  • 3.75% APR
  • Fixed Rate 15yr
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Alaska Mortgages

Some people live in Alaska for the unparalleled scenery, while many others of the state's residents are attracted primarily by jobs in the energy or transportation sectors as well as in the military. Whatever your reason for purchasing or refinancing a home in Alaska--whether it's a condo in Juneau or a dream log home on the Kenai River--you can find competitive deals on Alaska mortgage rates.

Using the extensive resources on HSH.com, you can research current AK mortgage rates, plug different lending scenarios into mortgage calculators, and contact mortgage lenders or brokers doing business on the Last Frontier for home loan quotes.

Alaska Conventional Mortgage

A conventional mortgage loan is generally a loan made using private mortgage money and not backed by a government entity, such as FHA, VA or USDA. Conventional mortgages are available in fixed rate and adjustable rate varieties and with a wide range of terms. A conventional loan that meets a number of specific criteria can be sold to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac and is known as conventional conforming mortgage.

For Alaska, the conventional loan limit is at $679,650 for all counties.

2018 Conventional loan limits for Alaska

County NameOne-FamilyTwo-FamilyThree-FamilyFour-Family
Aleutians East$679,650$870,225$1,051,875$1,307,175
Aleutians West$679,650$870,225$1,051,875$1,307,175
Anchorage Munic$679,650$870,225$1,051,875$1,307,175
Bethel Census A$679,650$870,225$1,051,875$1,307,175
Bristol Bay Bor$679,650$870,225$1,051,875$1,307,175
Denali Borough$679,650$870,225$1,051,875$1,307,175
Dillingham Cens$679,650$870,225$1,051,875$1,307,175
Fairbanks North$679,650$870,225$1,051,875$1,307,175
Haines Borough$679,650$870,225$1,051,875$1,307,175
Hoonah-angoon C$679,650$870,225$1,051,875$1,307,175
Juneau City And$679,650$870,225$1,051,875$1,307,175
Kenai Peninsula$679,650$870,225$1,051,875$1,307,175
Ketchikan Gatew$679,650$870,225$1,051,875$1,307,175
Kodiak Island B$679,650$870,225$1,051,875$1,307,175
Kusilvak Census$679,650$870,225$1,051,875$1,307,175
Lake And Penins$679,650$870,225$1,051,875$1,307,175
Nome Census Are$679,650$870,225$1,051,875$1,307,175
North Slope Bor$679,650$870,225$1,051,875$1,307,175
Northwest Arcti$679,650$870,225$1,051,875$1,307,175
Petersburg Cens$679,650$870,225$1,051,875$1,307,175
Prince Of Wales$679,650$870,225$1,051,875$1,307,175
Sitka City And$679,650$870,225$1,051,875$1,307,175
Skagway Municip$679,650$870,225$1,051,875$1,307,175
Southeast Fairb$679,650$870,225$1,051,875$1,307,175
Wrangell City A$679,650$870,225$1,051,875$1,307,175
Yakutat City An$679,650$870,225$1,051,875$1,307,175
Yukon-koyukuk C$679,650$870,225$1,051,875$1,307,175