Unleash the equity in your home.

When you need some ready cash, Clifton Savings Bank is right behind you. Whether you're planning a home improvement project, or consolidating your bills, or buying a car, our residential Home Equity Loans are just the answer.

Borrow up to $250,000 at a low fixed rate with a second mortgage, or open a Home Equity Line of credit to have cash available when you need it. And, we keep all loans in-house, so you're assured of Clifton Savings Bank's personal service.

When you're ready to put the equity in your home to work for you, call our Mortgage Department at 1-888-LOANS-CS, or fill out the form below.


Home Equity Line Of Credit
Rate: 4.25%; rate to adjust monthly to prime rate (prime rate is currently 4.000%)
Points: 0
APR: 4.25
Term: 20 Years (15 year draw period, 5 year repayment period)
Rate Caps: 18.00% maximum /3.25% minimum (no cap per adjustment)
Maximum LTV: 80% 1-4 Family and Condominiums up to $350,000, Call for LTVR on loans up to $750,000
Loan Amounts: $750,000.00 maximum / $5,000.00 minimum
Minimum Draw: $500.00
Application Fee: No Application Fee. Appraisal and Title-Property search required for loans over $250,000.
Property Type: 1-4 family and condominium; primary residences only

Second Mortgages
Term Rate Points APR Payment per $1000 Max LTVR Max/Min Loan
25 Year Fixed 4.625 0 4.631 $5.63 Call $750,000/$5,000
20 Year Fixed 4.375 0 4.382 $6.13 Call $750,000/$5,000
15 Year Fixed 4.125 0 4.134 $7.33 Call $750,000/$5,000
10 Year Fixed 3.875 0 3.888 $9.95 Call $750,000/$5,000
5 Year Fixed 3.625 0 3.649 $18.14 Call $750,000/$5,000
1-4 Family & Condominiums:  80% maximum loan to value ratio on loans up to $350,000, Call for LTVR on loans up to $750,000
Investment Property:  (not available)
Second Homes:  75% maximum loan to value ratio up to $500,000 / Interest Rate is 1/4% higher / 1 family only
Application Fee:  $150.00 Application Fee and $125 Title/Property Search Fee for Loans up to $250,000, Full appraisal required on loans over $250,000
Rates and terms are subject to change at any time without prior notice.
Rates as of 12/14/2017

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